Sunday, 12 December 2010

First Drink In Ages!

Hey hey, hope you all had a fab weekend?
Mine has been busy but good, a quick recap of Saturday and today then bed its getting late!

Saturday started with banana porridge topped with yogurt, seeds and cinnamon.

I then made my way to work at the furniture store, it was pretty quite in the morning.
I snacked on some oat cakes mid morning.

Lunch was 2 perfectly boiled eggs and steamed veg mixed with vegan pesto.

Between finishing work and driving back to Hastings I ate a couple more oat cakes and an apple.Then it was off on the road to my friend Karen's in Hastings for dinner.

In the door and first things first a glass of wine with a drop of creme de cassis

Have you ever tried, you really should! I'm not a fan of dry white but with a drop of cassis its fab!

I haven't had a drink for AGES so it was nice to relax with a chilled glass and have a good old gossip : )

Wow meat feast! Yes Karen is a meat lover and Saturday there was no holding her back! One piece of crispy bacon, one piece of chicken and two sausages! A dollop of mash and a huge pile of peas finished the dish off. This needless to say was very filling, I don't ever buy meat or cook it myself so it was nice to have a change but I wont be having any more till Christmas day!

I also drank some Magners cider while watching X Factor

A chocolate orange square was the first part of pudding.........


I also had a mince pie : )

We watched TV and gossiped, 2 drinks and I felt tipsy! Thankfully I wasn't out!

Today I woke up about 9.30 which would have been a lay in if I hadn't gone to sleep at 2am!
I had a coffee with Karen and ate 10 almonds then drove down to Hastings seafront to have a run. I ran for 40 minutes and it was lovely! The sun was beaming and it felt like the beginning of summer, I wish!

I then went to my dads to get showered and ready to train my first client. My dad gave me some cornflakes for breakfast which I topped with oat milk, I also had an apple : )

Trained 2 clients during the afternoon then popped back to Maggies to pick up post and say hi. I got there and was happily surprised to find my best friend Jonathan back fro Barcelona already! We had a chat and I had a small slice of panettone oh yes I did and it was lovely! Christmas treats are already making their way into the diet!

I drove back to Brighton and got dinner straight on!

Sweet pot, tinned mackerel and steamed veg : )

Followed by quinoa pudding mixed with an apple, cinnamon and seeds.

Tired and time for bed me thinks. I'm working at the furniture store in the day then gym after that so a busy day. Have a lovely start to the week and hopefully I shall be back tomorrow x x


Whats your favorite Christmas treat/food?

Mine has to be marzipan, on the Christmas cake, covered in chocolate, in stolen just marzipan any which way. Love love love it!


  1. Yeah anything with dried fruit, marzipan and spices. So christmas cake or stollen :)

  2. I love marzipan but cheese is probably my fave, and red wine!

  3. shortbread, gingerbread, christmas cake...yum!

  4. found your blog through Laura's, loving your recipes! Making the lentil & sweet potato curry tonight! Can't get enough of marzipan either, but my fav xmas food is a good old scottish Clootie Dumpling with custard!