Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Crazy Busy!

Hello, how are we?
I'm fab but insanely busy! I had no time to blog last night and to be honest tonight the time is limited. This means a quick run through of today and a rewind to yesterday. I have lots to tell, new foods, reviews, exciting offers but this will all have to wait till Thursday when I have time to do a proper post well I'm going to make time! First off lets rewind.............


Monday started with a big bowl of banana oats topped with seeds.

This as always was super, tasty : )

Looking out the window it was icy and the fields were covered in frost so I waited for a couple of hours to let my breakfast settle then hit the streets for my first run around my new neighborhood.

40 minute run

Lunch was the same as today. I know I know boring but so easy when you need something healthy, filling and easy to transport.

I had a few clients booked in but before that I had a sports massage. OH MY GOD it was insanely painful but much needed hopefully my muscles will thank me for it once they stop hurting!

Dinner was a fast option: steamed veg, quorn chicken style chunks and a small dollop of smash, mixed in a tom and garlic sauce.

I followed this with some heated apple mixed with a spoonful of mince pie filling, topped with soy yogurt, almonds + cinnamon

Perfect combo : )

My day finished with a ginger and lemon tea

Today started early I had to get to work for 7.30am which meant getting the 7am bus. Before I left I had a big glass of warm water. Got to the gym and trained my client then got changed ready for my day at the furniture store.

Taking breakfast in these pots makes it taste better I'm sure!

I had time to eat before leaving the gym, I took half of these vitamins minus the giant round ones. I take: 2 fish oil, 1 Vit C, 1 Vit B Complex, 1 Calcium, Magnesium + Vitamin D and 1 Zinc
yes I probably rattle!

Breakfast was insanely good! I made it last night.
In the mix: 1/2 c jumbo oats, 1.5tbsp pea protein, 1tsp cocoa, tiny sprinkle of stevia, tbsp mixed seeds and enough milk to make the mix bind. This morning I cut up a banana to have with it. Delicious : )

I had a good morning at the shop, I had a fab sale and made nearly half our stores target in one foul swoop! That made my day!

Lunch: 2 boiled eggs, raw veg and oat cakes

Perfect eggs.

The afternoon went pretty quick and I had a session with a client after work then made my way home. No session for me today as I need to rest the muscles after my massage.

For dinner I had an old favorite, sweet potato! This was topped with 2 quorn sausages in a tom and garlic sauce and veggies on the side. Filling and super tasty.

I then warmed some mixed berries and an apple, topped with soy yogurt and some seeds to make a perfect pud.

Oh and some cinnamon of course!

Another ginger and lemon tea and the day is complete.

So dear readers that is today and I'll be honest there will be no post tomorrow. I'm not finishing work till 9.30 and then I gotta get home. I will be back on Thursday with a full run through of all my exciting news and new foods promise!

Night lovelies x x


Do you take any vitamins?

You've seen mine tell me about yours


  1. So many vitamins in the cute pot (and yes they make my lunch taste better so I bet they make your breakfast better).
    Every other day I have a multivit with iron, and then a veggie glucosamine, and then in the winter a gingko as its supposed to stop the chillblains (so said the nurse- not working so far!).

  2. I only take a berroca when I feel like I might be coming down with something. Other than that I try and get my flaxseed and nuts for omega fats and other foods for the rest! I sometimes think I should take multi vits - I think I'm probably lacking in vit D at the moment but while I'm feeling good I just try and get vits via my food :-) I know what you mean about the blogging at the mo, I've gone down to posting every couple of days just to make the most of my time!

  3. I take vitamins but I'm not terribly consistent with it!! I take a veggie multivit, calcium with magnesium and zinc and an extra zinc if I'm feeling run down :-) I want to start taking veggie glucosamine too for my knees

  4. I don't take any supplements because just as fine without them.. I would probably forget them most of the time anyway :)

  5. I always have egg envy looking at your blog. Warm water huh? Vits- I go thru phases- sometimes I'm great. Other times no. Lately no. Too busy and just not focused to do it. Silly excuse as it takes a second!