Monday, 20 December 2010

Chocolate Gold

Hiya, we are in the last 2 weeks of the year can you believe it?!
I am shocked at how fast this year has gone and how many things I have done and been through. I shall definitely be doing a run through of these crazy times/things that have happened but for now lets talk about right now well firstly last night.........

I left you yesterday early as I wanted to chill with a movie and Hannah.

I thought you might like to see my prawn/pesto veggie combo. It was delicious : )

My Monday started well.
I have been longing for a green monster for ages and today the longing was fulfilled..........

Chocolate green monster topped with puffed oats and seeds, awwwwww this was good but so so cold! Hmmmmmm thats kinda obvious as I put ice in it but the cold outside and then the cold in my mouth just seemed wrong!

I will be having another tomorrow though I think!

Me and Hannah had to walk to the main road in the snow and ice (30 minutes) then we got the bus to work. I had a couple of ladies to train as a two then after an apple I had another crazy workout myself.

30 minutes spin (hard!)
30 minutes viper/body weight training
(squats, burpees, lunges, squat thrusts, crunches etc.)
20 minute interval run - 2 min on each level: 8/8.5/9/9.5 - 4 min 10 then back down

After I ate another apple then got showered and made my way home.

By the time I got home to eat it was 4pm!!!!! I was pretty hungry, obviously!
I steamed a load of veggies and made an egg burger!

Literally 1 whole egg and 2 whites whisked up with some dried basil and microwaved in a burger!

I followed this with some fruit and yogurt topped with cinnamon and sesame seeds.

Your eyes do not deceive you that is another apple!

A little later my Ferrero Roche bought for me by my boss were calling out.........

These really are chocolate gold!

I have eaten a few......and now feel yuk : (
I shall be having mint tea for the rest of the evening and nothing else!

Time to chill I have an early start, first client is at 7.30am : )


Do you still have cold shakes/green monsters now the weather is cold?

Mine really chilled me!


  1. I dont like cold food when the weather is this cold. I dont tend to have yoghurt or salads in the winter- I prefer porridge and roasted veggies to warm me up :)

  2. I do still have cold smoothies cause I crave them but I have been feeling a bit too cold when I eat them. I usually follow them with a big cup of tea or coffee to counteract the cold! God I love those chocies! I got my mam a big box for Chrimbo!

  3. I love green monsters in any weather. Although in the winter I usually don't use ice or thaw out my frozen berries first to take out the chill.