Friday, 5 November 2010

Sushi Monster + Running In The Rain

Well can you believe it the weekend is here, yay! I have a busy day tomorrow, got to get to the gym early then back to Hastings to train my new client! Really looking forward to get started with my newbie, she's a friend so it should be lots of fun too : )

Breakfast was really yummy and really filling. Using egg whites in my porridge mix really fills you up and fluffs up the texture. I'm loving it!

I got to the gym grabbed a coffee then trained another new client.
Lunch time came and I hadn't felt hungry at all, those oats are the best : )

I waited for Emma one of the other PT's to finish with her client then we went to get lunch, I had the need for another round of sushi after yesterdays snack luckily Emma loves sushi too. We had a real mix of bits and it was all delicious I especially liked the crab balls with sesame seeds.

Emma loving the soy beans!
I see myself becoming a sushi monster once I've moved to Brighton!

After lunch I waited around for my train........

On the train I ate an apple

and 2 brazil nuts.
I went to Tesco's before going home and got some bits. I'm going to Karen's again tomorrow for dinner but I'm taking it there and cooking for us instead, and I have a yummy dish on the menu

I picked up these fruit pots at Tesco, they're for babies. They were on offer 3 packs for £4 which is 12 pots! Bargain : )

Apple and Cherry no added sugar or anything nasty

I ate one before going for a run, yep it was raining when I got in but thought I'd go running anyway, needed to get that 40 minute run in!

40 minutes running - hills - intervals

Got home, showered then made a fab dinner. I bought some smoking bacon for the dish I'm making Karen tomorrow but had some spare which meant using it for tonight's dinner.

Smoked bacon, broccoli and swede and lentil mash, yum!

Followed by a chocolate orange proetin ice cream topped with hazelnuts and raisins.

I have lots to get sorted tonight for tomorrow, plus the hair needs to be dealt with so i shall bid you farewell my sweet readers, by the way thank you all LOADS for your sweet words about my new job.


Smoked or normal bacon?

I rarely eat bacon or any meat but today was just one of those days and the smoked bacon tasted great!


  1. I wish there was a sushi restaurant near me! I loooooove veggie sushi but I'm not too great at making my own :-(

  2. I've never had smoked english bacon, but Derek loves english bacon more than he loves me :-D

    Great that you continue to have new clients!

  3. Ah my work's computer is so lame, it didn't let me comment on your last post!! sooo... CONGRATS HUN! You've got some exciting stuff on your plate!

    I love porridge with egg whites too. So yummy! I haven't had bacon in.. 10 years?!?! Haha. I've never been much of a fan of meat though (which was my reason to go vegetarian at 14..). xo

  4. Great day of eats! Congrats on the job you worked hard for it!

  5. Yummy looking eats! Glad I'm not the only one that buys baby food from time to time :-)