Monday, 1 November 2010

Raw Mushroom Loving

Two posts in one day, whats going on!? Unfortunately my phone died and as I use it for my camera too I only have 3 photos : ( This does mean I have time to post again though : )
I must say I loved reading about your goals we have a busy month ladies!

I left you after breakfast had been eaten, which let me tell you kept me full from 7.30am till 12pm good huh? Must be those egg whites!

On the train to Brighton I ate some raw veggies

and 10 raw almonds which gave the fuel I needed before workout 2:

15 minutes cross trainer - random - speed intervals

15 squats
15 lunges - both legs
15 squats
15 hamstring butt raises
15 squats
15 press ups
15 squats
15 tricep dips
15 squats
I did all these exercises on the vibration pad

30 minute spinning

All that working out definitely got my appetite going! For lunch I had rice noodles, steamed veggies and olives in a tom and garlic sauce.

I had a coffee in the afternoon and on the way home on the train I had an apple and some more raw mushrooms, I absolutely love raw mushrooms : )

I ate some soup for dinner with ryvitas and sunflower spread followed by a chocolate and almond protein ice cream.

I have an interview tomorrow afternoon and my hair needs sorting so I shall bid you farewell sweet readers.


Favorite raw veggie to eat?

Mine has to be mushrooms quickly followed by peppers

P.S My goals have gone to plan today : )


  1. That's so hard because I love raw veggies! I think mushrooms and carrots are up there on the list, but that could be because of the photo you posted just now ;)

  2. I love mushrooms but I hate them raw.. I like raw carrot best I think!

  3. Mine definetly has to be raw carrots and red pepper!

  4. Brilliant minds? I had raw mushies in my salad today- and I never ever do that!

    Raw veg fave; Carrots- have them nearly every day.

    Loved your goals. You will rock them.

  5. Sorry to hear about your phone, that sucks!
    I love all sorts of veggies raw but my favourite are probably carrots and peppers.

  6. I am not such a fan of raw veggies. I love peppers, but even those I prefer when they are cooked. I like grated raw carrot, but don't really like the sticks as bits always seem to break off and I end up choking!

  7. I love raw baby carrots, raw pepper and raw mushrooms. Your rice noodle salad looks lovely. x

  8. I can't stand mushrooms raw! My favorites are cauliflower, carrots, peppers and cucumber, yum!