Sunday, 7 November 2010

Puree Lovin

Hey readers how's ya weekend been?
Mine has been busy busy, obviously cause I haven't had time to blog since Friday. We'll have a little rewind of Saturday before I move onto today...............

Saturday morning I was off to Brighton early for my first client, but obviously made time for breakfast. It was quite a breakfast too : )

Cinnamon porridge topped with soy yogurt, mango and apple puree and pumpkin seeds, this kept me nice and full through the morning.

I snacked on some oat cakes and tahini on the train back home

Lunch was a simple mix of brown rice, soy beans, peas and sweetcorn with a little sesame oil for the dressing.

I trained my new client for the first time, it was great the weather was good so we made use of the outside space near to where she lives. I was so happy with her enthusiasm. I gave her a really tough workout and there was no complaints good women!

I then went to my friend Karen's to watch X Factor and make her dinner. For dinner I made tagliatelle with smoked bacon, broccoli and peas with an aubergine pesto sauce.

It went down a treat : )
I also had a glass of vino with dinner.


Today started with the same breakfast as yesterday but I used a cherry and apple puree instead

I'm loving these little puree pots, its just pureed fruit no added sugar and this pot had 1 apple and 2 cherry's yum

Once breakfast was digested I made my way to Karen's again. I wrote her a fitness programme as she is a little stuck with her routine. I went there and we did the plan together, complete sweat fest but she can see how its gonna get her back on track and should really start that weight loss.

I got home hungry but jumped in the shower first then got to work on lunch.
Lentil, swede and turmeric mash with baby broad beans and an egg, this was yummy and filling.

I've just got back from seeing my friend Wayne which has been long over due. Now dinner, tuna with veggies in tom and garlic sauce. Oooooo my hungry which means time to go!

Forgive me if the blog posts are few and far between but the next couple of weeks are gonna be crazy! I start the second job tomorrow wish me luck : )


Do you like fruit puree's or are you a whole fruit kinda person?

I like fruit. Whole pureed or dried any which way is good for me.


  1. Mmm, your breakfast sounds tasty!

    Generally I prefer the whole fruit, but I'll pretty much take it in any form it comes in!

  2. When my sister went through her vegan phase she really liked Clearspring organic fruit puree: x

  3. Good luck for you new job!!!

    I love whole fruit mostly. However, I had stewed apple today and it was awesome! x

  4. I like all fruits, but I find juices and purees can be a bit sugary and leave me with a sugar rush if I have too much! So I prefer it whole but I love it all!

  5. Hey busy lady :) Glad things are going well. I love the idea of using fruit purees in oats- such a great add in. I used pumpkin puree when I made granola this weekend instead of oil- it was a nice switch up.

  6. You just blog when it fits into life girl! Congrats on starting the job!

    Love me some whole fruit!

  7. Good luck with your job tomorrow! I'm with Stacey I love fruit in pretty much any form!

  8. How did your first day at your second job go??

    Your eats look so yummy. I've never had fruit puree with oats before but I have to give that combo a try!

    I love whole fruits but I also don't mind pureed ones.. or smoothies ;)

  9. I'm more like a whole fruit kind of person :)