Thursday, 25 November 2010

No Nonsense Dinner

Hey my lovelies how are we?
I have been a busy bee, after a late night yoga session last night I just didn't have time to post but I made sure to get one in tonight : )
I have worked the last 2 days at my second job which is not at all stressful but I also have clients after and then last night I went to yoga so a long day all in all. So I will be rewinding to yesterday but first I got an interesting comment which I would like to answer first:

Anonymous said...

I am a regular reader of your blog and your new view looks amazing. Wish I looked out onto that! I just wondered if I could ask you a bit more about bikram? I've been wanting to do it for a while but have been put off because it's 90 mins long which is a fair while and I am scared it will be too hot plus I am also concerned it may not feel like a workout? I am a fan of spin when it comes to the gym basically! Also could you advise on exercises to work the bum?! If I lived in Brighton I would ask you to be my personal trainer! Don't get down about not having enough will take some time so just enjoy the great lifestyle change you have for now! Lx

Dear anonymous, I have to say I really am enjoying my Bikram sessions, yes 90 minutes is a long time but as long as you are well fueled you can get through it, it is very hot but even after 4 sessions I can feel my limbs stretching more. Please don't feel concerned about it not feeling like a workout my quads have been stinging for the past 3 days! It is an AMAZING workout and definitely think you should give it a try. Ok so bum workouts I have 2 words SQUATS + LUNGES as many as possible! Add a barbell and work that butt! Also step works is great for your butt, hope this helps. Ooooooo let me know if you get to a Bikram class I will be interested in your view x x
I got an early bus to work yesterday, my client canceled which meant I got to be trained by one of my fellow PT's.

5 minute cross trainer to warn up
40 minutes cable workout
15 minutes run

Before I left the house I ate a boiled egg, then after my workout I ate overnight oats with a chopped apple and a coffee

Then I made my way to job number 2.

A lunch of raw veggies, hummus and oat cakes. I also ate another apple and 2 small clementines.

After work I went to the gym to do a clients session. I ate another boiled egg and a small tin of mackerel before my Bikram class.

90 minutes Bikram class

Straight after class I ate a banana on the bus then when I got home these rice cakes topped with apple and cherry puree, yogurt and seeds were needed!

Nom NOm NOm............


Today started with some mincemeat oats (mince pies people!) Topped with yogurt and seeds, I then had to run like a mad women to the bus but he waited thank god! I was again at job number 2, then back to the gym. I was going to go to yoga but have had a funny tum today so decided to just come home and get this post in. Lunch was the same as yesterday and snacks well put it this way today has been a bad day! No more on this : (

I was feeling lazy and hungry when I got in so smash and steamed veggies came to the rescue, oh and a dollop of tom sauce : ) Basically a no nonsense dinner!

Feeling pretty knackered now and need to hang washing up so I shall bid you good night. I also have a jammed pack day in the gym. Oh before I forget I received an exciting package in the post today but more on this later........


Favorite lazy dinner which is quick and easy to make?

Steamed veggies teamed with something is always a winner for me : )


  1. Stir fries are always a winner - super quick, tasty and good for you :)

  2. That would have to be a green smoothie or a roasted sweet potato with a tast topping!

  3. I think my favourite quick and easy one would have to be either a stir fry just using up all veggies in the fridge or a mixed up salad - basically just a mish mash!