Friday, 19 November 2010

New Job, New Home, New Life!

Wow where did that week go! Well I did say I would be MIA for this week, its been crazy. So much done and so much still to do. Not sure where to start really but I'll try and fill you in as much as possible.
Oh before I forget how has your week been? Busy like mine?

I left you Monday, the night before I started my new second job. Oh my god its soooooo good I absolutely love my new job, I'm working in a furniture store selling the most beautiful sofas and soft furnishings and my new colleagues are fabulous. I think I've landed on my feet with this job lovely people and working environment, I couldn't be happier : )

My work at the gym is progressing nicely too. I picked up another client and she is so so nice. I'm really pleased that the clients I have are such a joy to train.

Food has been yummy over the week. I've been eating cold chocolate oats with mixed berries and yogurt or cinnamon and banana. Rice salads and tuna and veggie salads. Raw veg with hummus and fruit with seeds : )

Yesterday I tried a new snack, this raw energy bar was made from fruits, seeds and nuts. It was really good but at £1.49 a little expensive!

Today started with an old breakfast favorite. I tired this for the first time last Christmas, and loved it, so when I saw a jar of no added sugar all natural ingredients mincemeat in Infinity Foods I snapped it up off the shelf. Which led to this mornings breakfast:

Mincemeat (as in mince pies not cottage pie!) oats topped with soy yogurt and seeds.

After breakfast I went to Brighton for the last time commuting on the train! Yep tomorrow is the big move no more trains, well at least none at 6am! I trained a client then went to my first Bikram Yoga class. Wow loved it, the class was 90 minutes long which was tough but I got through it and will be signing up to their '2 weeks go as much as you like offer'. The heat really intensified the workout but I really enjoyed the class and can't wait to continue.
I gobbled some oat cakes and tahini as well as a banana after my class.

Once I got home lunch was needed so I threw together some quorn mince in a tom and mushroom sauce and topped some steamed veggies with the mix.

Tasty : )

I then made some chocolate ice cream
(no added sugar, other than a banana!)

The rest of the day has been spent packing, my sister came round to help me which was nice. I've got most of it done, only need to take shelves down and wardrobes and bed apart which shouldn't take to long. For dinner I was naughty and had a small bag of chip shop chips. They were delicious and worth every calorie!

I'm going to get up and go for a short run in the morning before training a client then I will be moving to BRIGHTON! Can't believe all this is happening I'm so happy which has been a long time coming I can tell ya!

Oooooooo also my blog was featured here as one of Cision's top UK Diet & Nutrition Blogs cool huh!?

Right I must hang up my washing and get ready for bed its gonna be a long day tomorrow!
Once my room is sorted I'll post some photos for you guys : )


Have you ever done Bikram yoga?

I would definitely say have a go I loved it : )


  1. Ooooh! Exciting times for you. Glad you like the job. I've always wanted to try Bikram Yoga it looks fab. My friends have tried it and highly recommend it.

  2. I hope the big move goes well, everything sounds wonderful I hope you have a blast!

  3. Exciting about the move :) and new job :)
    Mincemeat in porridge is such a good idea- I cant beleive I have not tried it yet!!

  4. Sounds like everything is falling into place :-)

  5. Awww I'm so happy for you! You've got so much exciting stuff going on ;)
    I've never tried Bikram yoga before but I would love to give it a try. However, since it's always the same poses I wonder if it gets boring after a while..