Sunday, 14 November 2010

My Dad Rules!

Hey hey I'm here 2 days in a row, can you believe your eyes!?
How has your Sunday been?
Mine has been good, made even better that I don't have to go back to the call center, oh yeah I forgot to tell you that's where the first job was in a call center! So so glad I only have to go back to give in my pass : )

My day started with a big bowl of oats which included egg whites, banana and ground linseeds, topped with yogurt and cinnamon - delish!

I spent the morning chatting with Maggie over a delicious fresh coffee.
I then started on my packing dear god I have way to much stuff. This is going to be a nightmare but at least I have some time to do it now! During the morning I snacked on some herb oat cakes with tahini.

For lunch I ate the other half of the lentil stew that was left over from yesterday.

The stew warmed my tum on this cold wet day : )

I also ate some granola mixed with yogurt and a blueberry and apple puree pot.

After lunch my lovely papa and I drove to Brighton to measure my new room. I'm so excited about moving the house is really nice and my room is a good size. Hannah who owns the house is lovely too and I'm pretty sure we're gonna live together just fine : )

When I got home I whipped up a quick dinner using some quorn mince I bought yesterday

I mixed together some pepper, mushroom and quorn in a tom and mushroom sauce then threw in some spinach. I had some baby broad beans and broccoli on the side.
What a fab dinner!

On the way to Brighton me and my day were singing along to music and chatting. As the sun was setting our song came on - Don Henley - Boys of Summer. Which was perfect, enjoy...........


Do you have a song that you share with your dad?

My dad brought this song into my life and I fell in love with it, I remember one birthday dancing to this song with him and I will hold that memory close to my heart forever - love you paps x


  1. One of my earliest memories is listening to The Beatles' Penny Lae with my pa. It's definitely our song - i even have the chorus tattoed across my back!

  2. mm yogurt granola & fruit- best combo! And packing totally is the worst- best of luck with that!! My Dad and I used to listen to Billy Joel & Elton John when I was growing up. Whenever I hear one of their songs- I always think of him!!

  3. OH MY GOD! Boys of summer!!!!! Haha I grew up with lots of 70ies/80ies tunes ("touch me, I wanna feel your body...." so appropriate for a 7yo haha).
    My dad always listened to Marillion and Boston but I can't stand both bands. Too bad that my BF loves Marillion too. We listened to lots of Beatles and Rolling Stones too though so it wasn't all too bad ;).

    Call centers are awful.. I did my apprentice with Swisscom (which is a telecom company - like Orange or Vodafone..). Anyway, I spent a day in a call center just listening to what they said and OH BOY! There are so many rude people in this world..

  4. U2 and The Beatles both have songs that me and my Dad love. He took me to my first gig when I was 15 :) Its great to have a proper shared interest :)

  5. Thats so sweet! For me and my Dad its anything by Eric Clapton, Cream or Jimmy Hendrix - I was raised on blues and guitar music, we used to listen to it and sing along in the car :-)

  6. My dad always listens to soul,jazz and blues music. All of which I love too! I never sing along with my dad though, I sound like a wailing cat being dragged through a hedge!

  7. Aww, that's so sweet!

    I'm not sure that Dad & I had a 'song' per se. But the song "fix you" always leaves a lump in my throat b/c he saw Coldplay with Derek and was supposed to go see them again in Guadalajara. Plus that song was in the amazing movie Young at Heart.

    I'm glad you and paps had some quality time together!