Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Long day.......

Hey today was a long day! How was your Wednesday, do anything out of the ordinary?
I was up at 5.30am to get ready for work and get the train. Breakfast was exactly the same as yesterday well pretty much everything I ate yesterday I repeated today but it tasted good so that's what counts right? I had my first client at 8.30am, I gave her a fab exercise session then gave myself one, I snacked on a few almonds before my workout : )

5 minutes cross trainer - intervals - warm up
17 minutes treadmill - intervals

squats + biceps
tricep extensions
squats + shoulder press
diamond press ups
3 sets - reps = 16, 14, 12
all done on the vibration pad

hammer curl, lateral raise, tricep kick back, chest press, leg pulses and dorsal raise
2 sets of 12 reps for each exercise

30 minutes spin

Wow that's was a fab workout! I was going to do another 17 minute run but didn't have time so will have to make it up tomorrow : )

My workout got my ready for lunch that's for sure! Same as yesterday, rice, veggies and egg the only difference is I had sesame oil today : )

After lunch I had my interview, in a restaurant, which went fabulously well. I'm going in on Sunday for a trial shift to see if I like it and if they like me which is good news right?!

Back at the gym I gobbled an apple (old photo soz!)
I booked in a couple of clients then managed to get the earlier train again. I ate some raw veggies on the train. Then popped into lidl on the way home.........

The loot!

2 x Lloyd Grossman sauces, 2 x tomato and olive pesto (no cheese!), soy milk, 1 x bag mixed nuts and raisins, 3 bananas, 2 broccoli heads and a swede all for just over £8! Pretty good me thinks!

Dinner was the same as yesterday but instead of mackerel I had sardines and one of my new Lloyd Grossman sauces, delish.

Pudding was different! I made a banana and vanilla protein ice cream topped with raisins and pumpkin seeds

Another early start tomorrow, I have an interview at 9.30am which I'm not looking forward to, it involves a role play and some tough questioning : ( wish me luck!

Night x x


Do you sometimes eat exactly the same things for a few days in a row or do you change your meals everyday?

Sometimes I eat the same things for days in a row, but I do quite often mix it up, just depends whats in the cupboard I suppose


  1. Good luck tomorrow missy! Whenever Derek tells me he's doing 'role plays' at work I say "oh, playing doctors and nurses? haha"

    LOVE sesame oil- a little goes such a long way for soo much enjoyment!

  2. Good luck with your interview petal, I'm sure you'll rock it! I tend to try and change up what I eat as much as possible. Sometimes if I've made something I may eat the leftovers a couple of days in a row or if I really like something (at the moment thats home made wraps with apple and pb, protein ice cream and butternut smoothies!) I'll eat them every week :-)

  3. I'm really terrible for eating the exact same meals for days on end.. I've eaten pretty much the same breakfast everyday for at least a month :S That sounds really bad written down!!