Monday, 22 November 2010


Hello peeps, how has your start to the week been?
What a weekend! As you know I moved to Brighton and it was rather stressful but I'm here so that's all that counts, I wont bore you with the move details! I have lots of photos which means not to many words tonight as its late.

Oh yeah I'm such a dinlo I would have started my post about an hour ago but I locked myself in the porch by accident and had to wait for Hannah to rescue me! Thankfully she skipped her late night yoga class today and was home early so a only 30 minutes sat in the cold porch for me!
Anyway lets forget about my stupidity and get some food porn!

Sunday started with a big bowl of porridge with egg whites and mincemeat so good!

I spent the morning unpacking I forgot how much stuff I have!

Lunch was a big plate of spinach topped with tuna and avocado mixed with a spoon of mayo.

I also had some pepper thrown in : )

More unpacking.........

For dinner I made veggie bean stew and topped it with some chopped quorn sausage


Pudding was a chopped apple topped with yogurt, almonds and pollen

Today started with exactly the same breakfast as yesterday

Its just such a good combo!

I unpacked my last box this morning : )

Before heading to the gym I ate some oat cakes with tahini and an apple

At the gym:

5 min cross trainer warm up

PHA Training:

shoulder press, barbell squats, up right rows
15 reps - 12.5kg barbell
star jumps, high knees, butt kicks
1 min each

chest press, lunges (each leg), hamstring deadlift
15 reps - 12.5kg
step up alternate legs, step jumps
step ups 2 min, jumps 1 min

I then ate half my tuna and avocado salad (no mayo!)

I only ate half because I also went to yoga today and didn't want to eat anything to heavy before plus I new I would be hungry after!

90 minutes Bikram Yoga

Then I rushed back to the gym to get showered and ready to train my client.

For dinner I whizzed up the left over stew into a very thick soup and ate it with 4 rice cakes and sunflower spread.

Some hot fruit was needed after being stuck in the freezing cold porch!

Right gotta wash the locks before tomorrow so nighty night.
Have a fab Tuesday!


Do you ever do anything stupid?

Can't believe I was locked between the doors DOH!


  1. I'm sorry but I laughed when I read what you did! I do stupid things all the time, like when I got my Mum's credit card swallowed up by the money machine... haha

  2. Ah no, sorry to hear you had to wait in the cold! I always do silly stuff as well.. I once balanced on a tiny wall (it was about 50cm high) and I fell off it in super slow motion. My friends still call me wall-Karin sometimes. ;)

  3. Sorry but locking yourself inside your porch is quite funny! Delicious looking eats by the way! :)

  4. I do stupid things all the time, usually more often when I stressed. I can be such a cluts! Glad your all settled in Brighton, I'm not jealous at all...;-)

  5. Aww no I'm always doing daft stuff like that.. I can't think of anything right now but it's definately something I could do!!

  6. I got locked between 2 doors at work once- luckily someone came to the rescue pretty quickly!