Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Day I turned 29

Hey its the me I'm back! Wow its been a crazy few days, my birthday was fab, the snow has come and I've been busy working, not getting back till late which means there has been no time to blog. How have you all been is there snow for you too? I'm going to take you back time to my birthday and yesterdays food, so shall we..........

Sunday after doing a fab training session and also training 2 clients I drove back to Hastings. I had an evening planned with some girl friends and my sister, it was a bring a dish night and a feast was had!

Monday 29th I turned 29!

First thing Monday I got up and had to move my car which was terrifying! Luckily I had my sister with me. I drove it out of town to my dads then me and Jes walked back to town and to the gym. I did a session for me and Jes then we went back to hers to have a Skype chat with my little sister and mum : )

I also had a bowl of Dorset Cereal date, raisin and apple fruit and fiber flakes with milk and blueberries. The kind people at Dorset cereals sent me some cereal to try which I did and boy I loved this box!

New home, new jobs, new age, new life, new HAIR!
Look at the beautiful necklace my sister made me. Thanks Jes : )

After skyping and breakfast I went into town to meet Wayne for coffee.

A new birthday bird

Yum, flat white with soy milk : )

After coffee Wayne took me to lunch...........

We went to a small cafe/restaurant above a shop called Waterfalls. Its a great little place but because the food is so good its usually hard to get a table. We were in luck and got the window seat which is the best one! We both had the chickpea fritters with salad and creme fraiche. Wow this was real tasty, the salad had an assortment of leaves, peppers, tomato and sprouts.

As it was my birthday we obviously had to have cake! I went for the healthiest option I had, which was a vegan apricot slice. It was quite nice but to be honest I could have made better!

Wayne went for a german cream sugar cake, maybe he thought it was his birthday too!? Ha ha

I finished the meal with some hot water lemon. I had a fab day with Wayne he is a fabulous friend : )

In the afternoon I trained a friend then went to my papa's for a home cooked curry, which might I add is way way better than the bought kind!

Boiled rice,cauliflower curry, egg curry, cabbage and coconut side and cucumber, mint and yogurt side

Oh my god insanely good! I only had one plateful too, I know it was a big plateful but I would usually have 2 of these easy!

Papa also got this gluten, wheat and dairy free ice cream cake thing, more cake for the birthday girl!

I think you can imagine how good this was!
I decided to drive home after dinner it was 9pm but the ice had melted and with the weather predicted to worsen I thought it best to get back to Brighton................

Lucky I did because look what I woke up to!

A warm bowl of porridge while the snow came down was nice : )

The thought of leaving after my warm bowl of porridge wasn't so good! Then again I had a Bikram class to get to which made it better!

90 minutes Bikram yoga class

For lunch I had a snack salad from M&S.

Prawn with coriander rice, it also came with a sauce but that didn't get used.

I also had an apple and a clementine : )

A long wait for a bus that never came and a kind offer from a lady that was also waiting at the bus stop to share her cab mean I got home. What a life saver she was!

To warm my tum I had a big pile of veg topped with mashed sardines and a scoop of smash on the side.

Followed by warmed fruit topped with yogurt and seeds.

Today has been good. Luckily when I got up the snow wasn't too bad and buses were running so I manged to get to the gym for my first client. I then went to my bikram class. By home time the buses were starting to stop and I managed to get a bus a long the main road then had to walk about 25 minutes in the snow to get home. It was only light and I got home before it got bad. Its coming down crazy now which means a walk to work in the morning I guess FAB!

Well that's a full recap for ya my sweet readers, I hope you are home and warm and not stuck somewhere because of this crazy weather!


Tell me something that's new for you. Do you have a new haircut, job, man, life, home?

You know mine tell me some of yours : )


  1. Happy Birthday! I got a new hair cut at the weekend but because of the snow I've usually got hat hair by the time I get to work so nobody has seen it all done up and nice :(

  2. Cute bangs (aka fringe)...I cut my own hair the other day- just whacked off some fringe of my own.

    Other news: my back has been kaput even when I was in barcelona- so I spent most of the time in bed :-( boo. But I'm on the mend- hope to train tomorrow finally~!

    Glad your b-day was great!! :-)

  3. Love your new hair :)
    and Happy birthday!
    New things? Well, I got a new dress the other day which is very pretty :)

  4. Happy birthday! Your new hair looks lovely and that necklace is gorgeous!

    What's new? I'm losing weight and gaining new confidence! I also have a new nose piercing! :D

    Sending tons of love. xxx

  5. Glad you had a good birthday chick! Looks like yummy food and lots of fun. This weather is a bloody nightmare though. I love your fringe! The only couple of things that are kinda new with me is my shorter hair and becoming a veggie - oh and I signed up for next years Great North Run again!

  6. Your birthday celebrations sound great! I noticed the sailor jerrys pic.. good drink choice! That stuff is soo good!

  7. Glad you had a fab birthday! That ice cream cake is calling my name. So glad we don't have terrible snow to deal with here. It's actually been cold, but today the high is near 60! crazy. I actually may be working with an endurance coach and cycling team!

  8. Happy Happy Birthday! I lik eyour new hair. You always look so hip and stylish. Two new things: I also got a no 'do. I have a new fave tv show: One Tree Hill....I'm obsessed!

  9. Sounds like you had a great birthday!
    I adore your hair! It really suits you!
    Beautiful necklace from your sister!

  10. Oh, it's Sam or Samantha by the way! Stella was my username from when I kept my blog private from friends and family. :)