Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Hello, how are we on this wintery day?
My day has been pretty good, it started with 1hr of yoga. I was thinking a day off was needed but instead I decided to do some yoga on this day off I definitely need to be more flexible!

Breakfast was the same as yesterday with some small changes:

Instead of 1/2 c of oats I used 1/4 c of oats and 1/4 c of quinoa flakes
I also chopped the apple instead of grating it and topped with soy yogurt.
Breakfast fit for a king, it was delicious and very filling, I'm loving the velvety texture the egg whites give to the oats : )

I spent the morning doing my hair and applying for jobs
(my hair is a nightmare and takes forever!)

I got the train at lunch time and was a starving marvin but my rice had a chopped egg in it and I just couldn't open it up on a train so ate my apple to hold me over.

Got to work and had time to eat lunch before my interview. Brown basmati rice, 1 chopped boiled egg and steamed veggies drizzled with olive oil and mixed herbs. This was another simple but delish lunch : )

I had my informal interview to find out more about the job, it went really well and he seemed to be certain I would be called in to the next stage which was fab. I also was phoned to go for another interview for another job which is tomorrow. I would love to work in either so fingers crossed peeps!

I had a cancellation this evening so got away early which was nice. On the train I ate some raw veggies to hold me over till dinner.

Wow dinner was YUMMY!

Yep I finally broke into my pack of beets, its been ages since I ate some.
Oh how happy I am that beets are back in my life!

Rice noodles, broccoli, tinned mackerel in tom sauce and the last of my tom and garlic sauce made dinner a delicious meal.

A wile later I made a chocolate and almond protein ice cream, by the way my smoothies/ice creams have no added sugar : )

Topped with puffed oats : )

I have an early start tomorrow first client at 8.30 which means a 7ish train. My interview is at 3.30 and I have a few other clients booked before then. I have time for a good workout after my first client though : )

Time to get comfy night all x x


Beets love um or hate um?

You know I love um!


  1. I like beetroot, but have only ate the jarred/vacuum packed stuff and never the fresh. I've gotta try the proper stuff!

  2. Good luck! Your noodles looked amazing. I thought they were Pad Thai.

    Beets- meh. Probably dislike more than like. :-)

  3. I'm fine with beets as long as they're the not vile pickled ones. Roasted beets = love.

    Oooh, you've reminded me to seek out puffed oats, I want to try some.

  4. I've never actually ate beetroot before. I love how it stains everything that lovely pink colour though.

    Good Luck for the interviews. I'm sure your will be fab!

  5. Love beetroot! I used to be able to eat it, but not too much but now I love it! Try roasting it in the oven with a little balsamic vinegar- tis delish :)

  6. I heart beets! In fact you've just reminded me that I will have to pick some up this weekend. So tasty!