Saturday, 27 November 2010

Appetite Animal!

Hello, Saturday is nearly over and we only have one day left of the weekend but as I have had to work today and am working tomorrow that's ok by me! How about you guys have you had to work or are you enjoying some free time?

I woke up, got ready and had breakfast. Porridge with banana, yogurt and seeds : )

This is my housemates cat that sits by my cupboard and hisses at me. It is also the cat that sneaked into my room and made me late for work. Don't get me wrong I love cats and all animals, I just don't love them to sleep on my clothes/bed and leave hair everywhere so I had to get her out of my room, she got angry hissed and I then missed my bus not good! But I still managed to get to work just in time, luckily the next bus got me there on time.

Ginger oat biscuits are just so good! I'm going to be honest with you for some reason my appetite has been off the scale the past couple of days and I've eaten anything put in front of me and more! Hopefully this is going to calm down as Christmas is coming and we all now what that means, tempting foods everywhere!

Lunch was a yummy mix of rice, veggies and quorn sausages. I also ate and apple, some almonds and 2 clementines during work, see snack city!

I missed my bus after work by about 1 minute so had to wait in the cold for 20. I was like ice when it finally turned up : (

Home and warm, dinner time! Sardines mixed with a tomato and pepper sauce with steamed veggies.

Quinoa, banana and chocolate pudding topped with yogurt!
Tomorrow I need to eat light, well until the evening when I plan to meet up with my girlfriends for a birthday get together. I can't wait I haven't seen my girlies for at least a month which is way to long! I just pray the snow doesn't come and prevent me driving. Fingers crossed peeps fingers crossed : )

Time to sit back and chill so good night all x x


Do you ever suffer from crazy appetite attacks?

I do!


  1. I find that during the week I don't really eat all that much, but by the time the weekend comes I have a crazy appetitie

  2. I have hungry days- sometimes when it is cold, or sometimes a few days after a long run- so I try to save some calories for those days ;)

  3. Well you've been working out a ton, no wonder why you feel munchy. I'm quite the same :)

    Awww I hope today isn't too tough on you.. I had to work yesterday but have today off and it's nice to just relax and work out a bit.

    I seriously can't wait to move to the UK and eat my weight in Nairn's oat biscuits. They're the best!

  4. Oh god yes! Last night I had a bit of a snack attack and ended up eating 5 apples! When I feel like that I try and snack on apples - I slice them up and eat them from a bowl like crisps - eventually they fill me and at least they aren't to full of calories. I think sometimes you just have those phases when your like a bottomless pit!

  5. Oh evil kitty! And u know how much I adore cats!!

    Yes sometimes I say that there isn't enough food on the planet to feed me. And it woulnt be an exaggeration!

    If I'm away from the 'puter tomorrow I wanted to wish u a super fantastic birthday!!! Hope u have a blast!

  6. Oh my word, I have got the craziest appetite at the mo. I'm revising for exams so doing very little other than sitting on my backside yet i'm constantly hungry! Case in point- this morning I've snacked it away (on wine gums, yum!) as well as having a good oaty breakfast. Still ready for lunch as always. I blame the snow and SAD :) xxx