Monday, 15 November 2010

Another New Job!

Good evening, I'm back again but I'm keeping this short and sweet as its late and I have to get up again for 5am!

For breakfast I had some carob oats which included a banana and egg whites. Topped with yogurt and cinnamon delish!

Perfect fuel for my first workout : )

I had a session booked with a lady I train just round the corner from me. Today I decided as the weather was so nice I would do the session outside. Plus I got a workout too which was a bonus! We went running each taking a 2.5 weighted disc. We switched the weight from hand to hand, round the body, shoulder presses, bicep curls and triceps extensions. I also got us to do press ups and triceps dips on every bench we passed. It was a fab workout and my lady got put threw her paces but I think she enjoyed it!

A while after getting back from my workout I snacked on some herb oat cakes with tahini

I then spent the morning packing up my crazy amount of stuff

Lunch was a mix of veg in a tom and mushroom sauce topped with a couple of boiled eggs

Then I packed my bag and made my way to Brighton.

My second workout was some PHA training I've upped my weight which is tough but I'm loving it! I then showered and got ready for my client. Before she turned up I gobbled an un-pictured can of mackerel : )

I ate my dinner on the train. I will never tire of how cute this lunch box is : )

Brown rice, baby broad beans and sweetcorn with an olive oil dressing and a sprinkle of herbs

We have a new Asda literally 2 minutes from my door so I popped in on my home and bought some bits. When I got in I felt a little hungry so the end of my yogurt went perfectly with a blueberry and apple puree for a last minute snack : )

I have a busy next few days so I may be MIA but I'll be back don't you worry! I start my new job tomorrow, I'm really excited should be a good day : )


Favorite fruit to add to porridge or do you like it without?

My favorite would have to be apples and bananas, but I like anything thrown in the more flavors the better!


  1. Hope this week goes well for you xxx

    Fave fruit with porridge... raisins, stewed apple, or blueberries. Always prefer it with fruit- it feels more complete for some reason. I want porridge now :)

  2. To porridge my fave is grated apple with cinnamon, or banana. I quite like frozen blueberries as they pop and go all gooey, and frozen cherries are also nice (esp with one square of dark choc- black forest porridge mmm). Raisins are also delish :) Basically I love porridge!

  3. My favourite porridge at the moment is orange with cranberry and macadamia nuts. I love adding fruit juices in their every so often, yum!

  4. Good luck at your new job! Can't wait to hear more!

    Love me some BERRIES- especially raspberries.

  5. I love hot raspberries in my porridge, so gooood!

  6. I'm completely addicted to blackberries in my porridge at the moment, with a drizzle of maple syrup.

    That said, dried apple soaked overnight, cinnamon and brown sugar = HEAVEN.