Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Vampire Addiction

Hello, shall I let you into a secret of why I love Tuesdays?
Hmmmmm well its terribly sad but The Vampire Diaries is on TV and I love it!
Yes I am that sad. Confessions over.

Today started with an old favorite - carob porridge, soy yogurt + peanut butter : )

I did paperwork in the morning then it was to get the train.

On the train I ate and apple and.......

an egg. Prefect exercise fuel.

Once I got to the gym I was ready to workout:

15 minutes cross trainer - intervals - warm up

hamstring curl on stability ball - 15 reps
supermans - 15 reps each side
dead lift - 15 reps
leg abductor machine - 15 reps
tricep extensions + tricep dips - super sets x3
chest press + chest flyes - super sets x3
sit ups + toe taps - super sets x3

10 minutes cross trainer - cool down

For lunch I had the same as yesterday the last of my lentil stew and quinoa.

On the train home I had some raw veggies

I also had some oats cakes with tahini : )

Home and a giant bowl of protein smoothie was devoured. I have decided that with the lighting so bad in my house it makes my evening photos look really quite bad, I'm thinking of just leaving those pics out and going with any I can get in day light.

I have a busy day tomorrow (as always!)
I'm going to catch up on your fabulous blogs then get some shut eye, night x


How do you feel about me leaving out my evening meal photos?

I hate the way they look but I hope thats ok with your guys?


  1. I know what you mean about the lack of light making photos look bad. I take all of my photos in the dark and it's not great but luckily I don't post food pics every day. I don't mind not seeing your evening meals and I'd say just do whatever you're happy with.

  2. Well, I don't read blogs to see a play-by-play of what they eat. There's more to life! But to each his own. So I say leaving out your evenings are fine :)

    Nice blog! Found you through Averie.

  3. Loving all your food photos, including your evening ones but it's all your call. It's your blog after all :)

  4. I don't mind no pictures! I like pictures but I don't feel I have to see everything :)

  5. Your porridge looks very tasty! Did you use carob powder??

  6. I know what you mean about the lack of natural day light but if I only put pics on my blog of things eaten in the daylight I would have lunch and snacks and thats it! I'm sure your pics aren't that bad but if you really don't like them then I think its fair enough to leave them out :-)

  7. Haha, if I would only put pictures on my blog which were shot in daylight I could not post a single picture between November and March, it's so dark here all the time :D but anyway, I don't mind "bad" pictures (can there be any worse than mine?!:D) because you have many pictures there anyway and your blog is entertaining even without your evening pics :)