Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Tuesday + Papa = A Great Day

What a great day! I gave myself the day off to spend with my papa and am so glad I did its been fab : ) The rain couldn't even wipe the smile from my face!

My day started with a bowl of banana and cinnamon oats topped with peanut butter, soy yogurt and more cinnamon.

Hmmmmmmmm : )

After breakfast I got ready then drove to Brighton with my paps to view the room I might be moving to. It was lovely! The house belongs to a girl called Hannah that works at my gym and she has a lovely house with a spare room. I have decided I definitely want to move in with Hannah but first need a second job. I have faith I will find one and when I do Brighton here I come!

After seeing the room it was time for lunch so I took my paps to one of my favorite cafes, he has coeliacs so it can be hard to find somewhere suitable but Brighton has loads of cafes which is a bonus

We got lunch in Infinity Foods cafe. It was sooooooo good! We both ordered the vegan and gluten free chickpea dahl with brown rice and side salad. Wow taste sensation comes to mind.

The salad was sprinkled with seeds and a yummy dressing : )

A tribute to my US readers!

My dad also got the praline chocolate gluten fee cake, he went crazy in a chocolate frenzy. Can't you see the madness in this crazy face! My paps is like me, always pulling a wild face ha ha ha

It was pretty heavy I tried a little bite. twas delish

But so was mine, I got some gluten free vegan carrot cake to take away.


We also grabbed a coffee - americano, soy milk + SF hazelnut
Which went well with the cake!

I picked up this free sample in starbucks apparently its as good as freshly ground? We'll see.
After our coffee I drove to a shop in Hove called Run. The trainer specialists, they filmed me running then I had some trainers to try on. I got some beautiful new foot wear which fit perfectly and look pretty snazzy too. I'll get a photo tomorrow and show you my new foot candy!

I have some session plans to do and a bag to pack before tomorrow. I have another interview tomorrow in a place I REALLY REALLY want to work so fingers crossed peeps!

I just ate some lentil soup with extra peas and sweetcorn followed by a carob protein smoothie you know what it looks like so no photos sorry!

Right peace out x x x x


Have you tried these starbucks samples, what do you think?

I'm looking forward to my morning coffee : )


  1. I have bought the VIA and I thought it tasted really good, but I'm no coffee expert! Your making me so jealous, I would love to live in Brighton near all those fab cafes. I'm definatley going to be making a trip down early next year x

  2. Looking forward to seeing the new shoosies tomorrow

  3. I LOVE your style!!
    It sounds like you had a great day with your dad. Can't wait to see your new trainers :)

  4. The 7 packs of Via are on offer at the moment in most supermarkets so I've stocked up. I love the columbian one. It does taste like ground coffee. There is another one which is a bit strong for my tastes and a decaf which I haven't tried. I like to have them at work as the coffe there is awful.

  5. OK you look too cute in your little american outfit AND you ordered an Americano! go girl!

    And I totally see Dad's wild and crazy expression!


  6. Whoops, I was meaning to say 'good luck with the job!!' when the internet gremlin stole my comment!

  7. That Starbucks Via is so fab! I buy them for the office where I don't have a good drip coffee maker. I got mine on sale at a Starbucks that I think was selling them poorly. Just found your blog. Thanks for subscribing to mine. Definitely going to recreate some of your meals when I'm done with the diet I'm on!