Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sunday Walks

Hey hey, did we all have a fun weekend?
Mine has been fab! My first client at the gym, a great meal with Karen, a fab walk through the woods and on the beach with my sister and some cookie baking, all in all a great weekend : )

This post is picture HEAVY. Its late and I need to get some shut eye so I'm keeping the words to a minimum hope that's cool peeps:

Saturday = Dinner at Karen's, Cava, sausages, chicken, roasted veg, mashed pots followed by brownies : )


My porch = my new favorite place for photos

Carob + Vanilla smoothie

Puffed oats

Carrot + Pumpkin protein bar = snack

Homemade sweet potato + butternut squash soup

+ ryvita = Lunch

Afternoon walk in the Highwoods

Pick a walk

Follow the colour....

Into the woods......

Autumn leaf confetti.........

Jes x


Leopard print mushroom!

Walk finished.........

To the beach.........


Jes x

Stones or sand?

Beach findings...........

Colour : )

I was unsure if I should put a picture of my dinner up because well it looks like worms! This was green tea noodles, mushrooms, broccoli and sardines in a peanut and tomato chili sauce. I have to say I enjoyed every mouthful even if it did resemble a bowl of worms!

Another busy week ahead hopefully I'll pick up some more clients fingers crossed!
Happy Monday to you all x x


Beach, Woods or both?
Stones or Sand?

Beach and woods for me, stones for walking, sand for running. Night x


  1. Nice photos! I want your porch. How cute it that?

  2. Love those wellies! Your walk in the woods and on the beach looks lovely, I'm always reminded of Brighton when I see a pebbly beach! I have your cookies boxed up and ready to send today!

  3. Aww I love trails! Well woods in general.. Beaches are great too, I just wish I'd live closer to one! Stones and sand are both good, just not for running because I'm a lazy person ;).
    My green tea noodles often end up looking like worms too but even the most ugly meals can be super tasty.