Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Simple but Delicious : )

Hello happy Wednesday or hump day as its known across the water : )
How are we all today? I'm so so, finding things pretty tough at the mo but I'm not going to bore you with all that. Thanks for your comments on my last post. It seems you guys are not fussed about how bad my dimly lit photos are so I think that means I shall carry on posting them we'll see. I did miss breakfast off today because it was exactly the same as yesterday, boring! I am a creature of habit and will probably have the same breakfast for way to many days in a row so I don't wanna bore you! After breakfast I made some flyers for work then mid morning made my way to the gym. I gave myself the day of exercise today the workouts I did over Monday and Tuesday were pretty tough which meant my body was in need of some repair. It also means I'll be raring to go tomorrow! On the train I ate an apple and some oat cakes with tahini : )

Lunch was delicious! I had brown basmati rice, mushrooms, olives stuffed with almonds and broccoli in a tomato and garlic sauce. Simple but delicious : )

In the afternoon I trained a couple of ladies then it was time to get the train home......

On the train I ate some raw veggies, I also had a boiled egg whilst waiting for the train but it got gobbled before even the thought of my camera came to mind!

Home and hungry I went for the easiest thing I could make. Basil mash with some sweetcorn, soy beans and home grown cauliflower in the last of my tom and garlic sauce again simple (very!) but delicious : )

Pudding: a giant glass of chocolate protein ice cream!

Topped with pumpkin seeds, guess what this was SIMPLE but DELICIOUS!

Ah I just spent the evening with my papa which believe me was needed and I'm feeling a lot better about some things that have been worrying me. He has a knack for that : )

Its way to late which means I should be a sleep already! Night x


Do you have a favorite seed, if you HAD to choose?

If I HAD to choose it would be very VERY hard as I love all seeds but I think it would have to be the sesame seed. I love them pressed, tahini (that one was obvious!), toasted or just raw they truly are a tasty seed!


  1. Oh gosh! You and your tahini. I guess my favorite seed is the hemp seed. I like the nutty taste. Plus, it's a great source of protein and healthy fats.

  2. Oh no pumpkin! Why 'so so'? I hope you're ok. Glad Dad could help ease your mind.

    Your eats have looked so amazing and colorful.

    BTW I was so sad to hear about Hastings Pier! And honest it wasn't us who started the fire- we were some of the last folks to see it standing!!


  3. Simple meals are usually the best I think! I love sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds and don't think I could choose between them!

  4. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. xx x

  5. I love sunflower seeds and sesame seeds. I love sun flower seed butter!

  6. I love all seeds but sunflower seeds make sunflower seed butter which is pretty awesome. However, sesame seeds make halva which is also delicious!

  7. Awww I'm not feeling superbe at the moment either which is why I'm filling my schedule with fun stuff so I'll hopefully get back to normal again.. So sorry to hear that you're having a tough time too.
    I love talking about things that trouble me with my parents.. it always seems to help too.

    Seeds.. mmm I love them and I definitely can't choose. Flax, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin.. they're all great!

  8. Love simple, straightforward food like that! As always I am drooling at your smoothie! It's been a while since I had a good smoothie.

    As for the moment I'm favouring pumpkin, and flax!