Monday, 25 October 2010

Polenta + Peanut Butter?

What a busy day this Monday has been, I was up early to get the train to Brighton after a filling bowl of porridge. I had an interview first thing, I wont be taking the job because it doesn't fit with my work at the gym and that's obviously the most important thing.

After the interview I popped to starbucks on the way back to the gym, tall americano with soy milk and SF hazelnut : )

35 minutes interval run on treadmill
40 minute pump class

My colourful lunch was really good today, I had soy chunks with veggies and watercress

This was really filling too

Afternoon snack came in the form of a juicy apple. The afternoon was spent with clients and before I new it home time had come. On the train I ate some mushrooms and pepper slices as well as some oat cakes and tahini.

I had the soup I made yesterday and some grilled polenta with peanut butter. Another weird combo but it worked!

Chocolate and almond protein ice cream topped with pumpkin seeds.

I'm having the day off tomorrow to spend with my dad. We're going to Brighton to see the room I may be moving into and have lunch. I'm also going to a specialist trainer shop to be filmed while I run so I can get some trainers fitted perfectly.

Time to watch another episode of Tru Blood then bed x x


Have you ever been filmed while you run for a trainer fitting?

I can't wait I so need some decent trainers, my knees are screaming every time I run!


  1. I have never done the filming thing or the proper gait analysis. I have matched trainers to how my feet are (eg high/low arches- mine are normal!) and I find ones that are comfy and stick to those.
    Hope you have fun finding new trainers

  2. I've just bought a pack of polenta so will have to try it out with the pb! I'm desperate for some new trainers too but I think I'm going to try and wait until the new year as I know they wont be cheap!