Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Perfect Yolk : )

Hello are we all happy Saturday people?! I definitely am I actually got my first paying regular client today at the gym! This working for yourself lark is bloody hard and for the past week I have been filled with doubts and lots of fear. I had arranged a complimentary (comp) session with a girl at the gym and after she enjoyed it so much that she had signed up for regular sessions YAY! This was a total confidence boost and is hopefully the start of many : )

I started my day with a chocolate smoothie, it was the last of my choc flavor soy protein : (

I had a my session booked for 10am so it was off on the train early for me...........

After the great start to my day I stayed at the gym for a workout.

10 minutes cross trainer
PHA workout 40 minutes
25 minute intervals on treadmill

I was ravenous after my workout, I had a packed one of the carrot and pumpkin protein bars I made yesterday which was gobbled in seconds!

I showered then got the train home, tummy rumbling.........

Lunch came in the form of green tea noodles, veggies and a perfectly boiled egg

Perfect : )

I also had an apple chopped and topped with a peach soy yogurt, apple sauce and pumpkin seeds

Delish : )

I'm off out to my friend Karen's for dinner. Organic chicken and X Factor is on the menu, sounds good right? There may also be some wine passing the lips but we'll see : )

Have a wonderful evening friends x x x x x


Do you like your yolk runny or hard?

I like mine runny but the white has to be cooked I can't stand a wet white!


  1. I am quite odd when it comes to yolks, like when I cook fried eggs I only cook the white cos a fried yolk is just wrong!! I will cook up the whole egg when I scramble it though.

  2. I love runny eggs you can dip your toast in but I am totally incapable of making them. They always end up hard boiled :(

  3. Working for yourself is hard but it is rewarding. Having moved halfway across the country and having to start from scratch again with a new client base has been really trying but I wouldn't have it any other way to be honest!

  4. You would think that boiling a egg is the simplest thing to do but I always struggle to get my yolks just right.

  5. Yayyy for your first paying client! That is very exciting. And your carrot and pumpkin protein bars look fabulous. I love a runny yolk (but yes, whites must be COMPLETELY cooked). I actually had eggs for dinner tonight at a Mexican restaurant. Very interesting!

  6. I'm not the biggest fan of hard boiled eggs so if I was eating one I would be going for the runny yolk! Congratulations on your first client thats wonderful news, all your hard work will start paying off x

  7. I love the yolk hard, but don't mind having it runny on a toast :)

  8. that sounds good workout and good food