Friday, 29 October 2010

The Perfect Pair

Hello sorry for being MIA its been a busy couple of days with late finishes and I've been so tired. My days have been spent at the gym with clients, working out and I've been applying for so many jobs I've lost count! How are we all, did you have a good week?

Food that's been gobbled: carob porridge, apple porridge, salads with watercress, polenta, eggs and lots of veggies. Protein ice creams and lots of fruit and veg : )

Exercise sessions:

Weds - 45 minute spin + 35 minute run, intervals holding 1kg weights
Thurs - 45 minute spin

Today started with a bowl of carob and orange oats topped with peanut butter and soy yogurt. I gave myself the day off today instead of Sunday as I've pulled a muscle in my back (not the same as before!) and thought a rest would be a good idea before tomorrow's busy day in the gym.

I spent the morning (and pretty much all day!) applying for jobs, hopefully something will turn up soon. I've had a few interviews but nothing as yet fits with my gym work which is my priority.

As promised here is some pictures of my new trainers!
I do believe I may have found the perfect pair : )

These babies are the comfiest trainers I have ever owned. I put them on and it was like heaven, they fit like a dream and are so cushioned : )

I love the colour too which is a bonus!

I made a delicious soup for lunch and remembered I had this tiny little bag of mini broad beans, they were in my care pack from Debs.

My soup was red lentil and swede, which was really yummy. I also had some ryvita with sunflower spread.

The mini broad beans went perfectly thanks Debs!

I've just eaten dinner, I had rice noodles with sardines and veggies totally yum and I'll probably have the usual protein ice cream : )

My day is a busy one tomorrow, 9-11 I have back to back clients then 12-3 I am taking part in the 3hr charity Halloween spin! I'm looking forward to it, should be a real laugh : )

Time to make pud me thinks hopefully see ya tomorrow!


Have you discovered the perfect trainers yet?

I do believe I have, they are pictured above : )


  1. Girl! Congrats- it sounds like business is really booming over your way- that is just awesome. Meals look tasty- how good is polenta? I love how you can change it up and do it spicy or sweet. My favorite cross trainers are Rykas. Love them.

  2. Those trainers look really fancy! I like my asics and my reeboks before were good too, I guess I'm either lucky or not picky!!

  3. I've been looking to invest in some new trainers. Yours look super comfy!

  4. Love the silver! Mine are great too but not as cute ;)

  5. Those trainers are pretty :)
    I find Nike trainers really comfy- and my pair at the moment I love, only prob is I have no idea what model number they are so not sure what I will do when I need to replace them!

  6. Holy guacamole girl! 3 hrs! Hope you fuel up for that!

    Glad you liked the broad beans. I busted out a pack the other day and liked them more than I remembered. Very unusual.

    Good luck with the class and the job hunting!

    My fave shoes evah are Under Armour= and they are discontinued! Wahhh. I did buy a couple of spares so that I can look like a geek in a few years when the style is unstylish but whatever.

    Have a great sunday!

  7. I really need some new trainers, I think I may have to ask for them for christmas. Those look great, I love the colour!

  8. Your oats look incredible! All of my favourite flavours combined :D
    The trainers look lovely! I'm on a hunt for the perfect pair right now, mine are falling apart!