Friday, 8 October 2010

OIAJ its been too long!

Well we made it to another Friday and I bet many of you are free for the next 2 days which means happy bloggers right? I'm going into the gym tomorrow as I have a comp session booked plus I want a good sweat fest for myself too as I gave myself the day off today. I felt tired and new if I had worked out it wouldn't have been a good session so I'm saving t for tomorrow : )

I'm rewinding to yesterday first (surprise surprise!) to show some of the goodies that past my lips:

Thursday started with OIAJ its been a while, I forgot how good this is! Chocolate protein oats with banana in a peanut butter jar. Good times!

This fueled me for hours thankfully because I spent the morning exercising. I had a session on the TRX bands plus some boxing. It was a good workout.

I couldn't wait till lunch so before my shower I hoovered this tropical mango and brazil nut bar right up!

This filled a corner while I showered : )

For lunch I had rice with tuna, sesame oil and raw veggies. I also had a honey and oat bar.

Today I again had to get the train early and my tum was calling for oats..........

Vanilla and carob protein oats topped with almond butter, which has nearly gone there is one more spoonful left! I need more but trader joes is so far : (

My mornings are spent here now......................

Waiting on the platform.
I only went to Brighton for a couple of hours to meet a potential client then came home, I been so tired I knew I needed a day to just chill and eat!

When I got back I snacked on some ryvita with marmalade and almond butter as well as an apple. I had to go food shopping for cookie ingredients and didn't want to go on an empty stomach its to dangerous!

I got everything I needed and by the time I got home it was definitely time for lunch.

I decided to have some green tea noodles (so good!), an egg and veggies.

I also had some sesame oil, new addiction maybe?

Lunch was followed by an apple, tropical soy yogurt and an apple bar

The afternoon was spent on the net and I also had a long relaxing bath and dd some things round the house like change my bed. I love fresh sheets : )

I also baked some carrot and pumpkin seed bars no photo sorry! I obviously had to try one!

I had a quick and easy dinner (my favorite!). Mackerel in tom sauce, steamed broccoli and green beans with mash on the side and a a big old dollop of ketchup.

For pudding I broke out the chocolate drizzled popcorn that I picked up in Manchester, it was really yummy : )

I am now sucking choc chips as well! Yes today has been one of those days my eating has been crazy! Think I'm just a little stressed but I'm not going to bore you with that. I'm going to my friend Karen's house tomorrow night. I'm looking for ward to seeing her its been a while which means we have loads to gossip about!

Have a fab Saturday my lovelies x x


What food can't you help snacking on?


  1. Mmm such wonderful eats! I could forever snack on carby stuff.. like bread. Bread's dangerous. ;)

  2. Fab looking eats! I can't help snacking on muesli for some reason, thats always what I end up binging on!

  3. I love cereal bars (nice ones like nakd, trek, clif, 9 bars, seed stacked bars). I also like to snack on the little 2 packs of oatcakes- nairns do ginger ones which are lovely. :)

  4. My fave snackies are brazil nuts! I have to have two every day otherwise bad bad things will happen!! :D I also loooove bananas, raisins, apples, rice cakes, oh and YOGHURT! I am actually obsessed with snacking..

  5. Maria, I love love love the nairns ginger biscuits!!!!!!! x x

  6. You have just reminded me that I have a near empty jar in the cupboard that I can use for my first ever OIAJ.