Monday, 11 October 2010


Another Monday down, the weeks just go quicker and quicker!
How are we all, good? I've had a good day, slow work wise but good all the same.

I started my Monday with a bowl of vanilla protein oats with banana and topped with the last dollop of almond and linseeds butter and a little peanut butter : )

This breakfast had staying power! Just what I needed to fuel my morning of exercise:

20 minutes cross trainer
1hr TRX workout
20 minute flat run 8.5mph
45 minute body pump

Wow this was a sweat fest!
Before jumping in the shower I ate half of the homemade pumpkin and carrot bar I took in : )

Freshened up and hungry, my rice, egg and veggie salad filled the gap, I also had the other half of my bar.

Spent afternoon talking to the other PT's and also had a session with a (non-paying) client. Just before I ate an apple.

On the train home I had some oat cakes with tahini

Dinner came in the form of sweet pot and butternut squash soup, which I made yesterday

I also had some apple sauce, soy cherry yogurt and the last of my fruity date porridge oats for pud.

I'm planning on going to spin tomorrow, I haven't been for a while and am definitely feeling the need. I may also have a workout on the TRX too. I'm loving this new found piece of exercise equipment you definitely know you've done a workout after!

Well my lovelies have a fab Tuesday, see ya tomorrow x x


Do you like Mondays?

I like Mondays especially if I've over done it at the weekend its like my fresh start : )
Plus having worked weekends for so its not like I'm going back to work after having a lovely weekend away from the daily grind, so for me they are the same as any day of the week. They can be good or bad.


  1. I sometimes get the sunday night dread but only when I have a monday full of meetings! Drop me an email when you get your cookies, I really hope you like them, I made up the recipe to use two of your favourite ingredients (going off what you eat on the blog!) I really hope that you like them!

  2. Awww what amazing workouts and eats!! That definitely seems like the perfect start of a new week.
    Time really does fly by but it somehow also seems like everything takes forever (because I'm basically counting down the days until I will leave for Costa Rica).

    I don't really mind Mondays.. and feel quite "neutral" towards them. haha.