Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Is It Ok To Not Post Everyday?

Hello lovely readers, I wonder if you have been as busy as me?
I have been so busy and my days are uber long which is going to stay like this for a long while. This unfortunately means I may have to post less frequently. I really hope this wont mean me losing you guys : (
I always fear that if I don't post everyday my readers wont come back but I guess we all have crazy busy lives sometimes so I'm thinking you'll understand, well hope you do!

This is going to short and sweet, above is my eats from yesterday, the best chocolate protein oats topped with almond butter, rice with veggies and prawns, a mule bar, mackerel with veg and a protein mouse. Twas a good day of food!

Today started early and I had the same oat combo as yesterday, a real tummy filler!

After my first session with a client I gave myself a sweat fest of a workout then had lunch.......

Brown rice, veggies and almond stuffed olives = : )

After lunch I popped into Brighton to grab some ingredients for my cookie exchange recipes and a little sweet treat for moi........

Banana and honey cereal bar

This bad boy was gooooooooood!

I was at the gym till 6.30pm then got the train home. On the train I ate an apple and some ryvita and peanut butter.

I finally cracked open my green tea noodles for dinner and am glad I did they were yummy! I teamed them with sardines, sweetcorn, peas and broccoli.

Chocolate orange protein ice cream with raisins : )

Got lots to print so have to run night x x x


How do you feel about me posting less at the moment?

I'd love to hear your opinion guys x x


  1. aww, don't worry about not posting all the time. I'm in the same boat, working all day and getting home with lots to do leaving blogging kind of pushed to the back burner!

  2. Hey, I really dont mind about you posting less often as Im just the same. Been so busy recently. I find it quite difficult to combine a full time job, workout, housework, spend time with Boyfriend, cook some nice meals...
    But dont worry, I still take time to read my favourites blogs. And to be honest, with less blogs to read, it gives me more time to do other stuff ;)
    Still love your blog!

  3. Don't worry about not posting everyday. I am all about quality, not quantity. As long as you stay in my blogfeed, we are good. :)

    xo M

  4. Don't worry about not posting every day. I'm sure some will argue that it's important to have a regular blogging schedule so that your readers know when to look out for a post. However, I really don't think it matters. If people like your blog they'll read whenever it comes up. I know that I've never had a regular blogging schedule yet I still get lovely readers popping by to say hello.

    I love reading your blog posts so not posting every day won't make a difference as far as I'm concerned :)

    So don't worry, life just happens sometimes and gets crazy busy (it is for me at the mo too). Peaks and troughs etc. :) xxx

  5. Blogging shouldn't feel like a chore and it's your life and blog so you should do what feels right. I don't blog every day either and I'm ok with that.

  6. As long as you post I think it doesn't matter how often you do it. I enjoy reading your posts anyway!:) I myself would never have the time to post daily, so I have posted 2-3 times / week from the beginning.

  7. I think its understandable when you are busy, at the end of the day petal this is your blog, you do what you will and I'm sure all your readers will continue to read and comment. I'm thinking I will be starting to post a bit less too, the only reason I still post daily is cause I actually find it relaxing and useful to 'debunk' my day in a post! Sooo excited about the cookies!

  8. I only post when I can dedicate time to do it, so my post count fluctuates like mad - September was a terrible blogging month for me!

    I always think quality not quanitity, so I'd rather post when I have stuff to post about as opposed to just filler.

  9. If you want a life quality is more important than quantity and blogging can be all consuming!

  10. Hey post when you want! I have the blogger check thing so new updates pop up in the window. I know some people post more than once a day, but I only have time for that in the holidays, not when I am at work. So blog for yourself, not anyone else. Dont feel you have to post more
    Cool food

  11. Justfound your blog, loving it! I'm one of those bloggers who finds it hard to blog everyday as life gets in the way. I personally don't mind bloggers who don't post everyday, as long as its a few times a week i reckon. Look forward to reading your blog. Jess

  12. I don't think there's anything wrong with not posting everyday. In the end you have to do what works for you and if that means posting less often then go for it. No use in burning yourself out, or starting to resent having to write your blog.