Friday, 22 October 2010

Crazy Combos?

Hello how ya doing?
Its Friday so I guess we have some happy bloggers right?
I have to work tomorrow but I'm ok with that I have my favorite client tomorrow so its all good.
As I didn't post yesterday's food I will have to rewind back to Thursday as its definitely worth a look:

My day started in the best way, a nearly empty jar of peanut butter = joy!

I've been longing for this and the porridge was damn fine too.

Porridge: 1/2 c oats, 1/2 c soy milk, 1/2 c water, tbsp ground linseed and maca mix and 1/2 c blueberries

This really was a delicious breakfast : )

I had a great workout at the gym:

15 minute run - warm up
30 minute spin class
30 minutes run with 1kg weights - lots of arm exercises

this was a killer but I loved it!

During the day I had an apple and some ryvita with tahini for snacks, I had rice with veggies and egg for lunch and noodles with a crazy combo for dinner. I had the same tonight and below I explain my crazy combo........

Chocolate protein ice cream topped with cinnamon and pumpkin seeds


Wow today's breakfast was just as good as yesterday, cinnamon porridge topped with peanut butter, soy yogurt and strawberries

I had a consultation this morning with a hopefully new client just round the corner from my house then I got sorted to go to Brighton on the train I ate an apple and some oatcakes to give me exercise fuel.

20 minutes cross trainer - intervals
40 minutes pump class

After a shower I had a client so had to wait for lunch. I was pretty hungry!

When I had time to sit down for lunch this is what filled me up: rice, veggies and soy chunks. Insanely filling and very yummy.

Afternoon was spent with a client.

On the train home I had this bar in my bag and as I was a little peckish it served as a good snack.

This bar was really tasty and I liked the texture.

Ok so I mentioned above my crazy combo of flavors from last nights dinner and tonight I had the same. I am going to share this odd dinner with you and hope it doesn't offend to much!

Sardine + Peanut Noodles

1x sardines in tomato sauce
1tsp sundried tomato sauce
1tsp peanut butter
1x portion of rice noodles
carrot, broccoli and cauliflower steamed
pinch of salt

Steam veggies and cook noodles. Stir sardines, tom sauce and peanut butter together then add veg and noodles mix up. Enjoy : )

I bet some of you are thinking that this sound gross but don't knock it till you've tried it!

I then had a chocolate orange protein ice cream topped with pumpkin seeds

I have a long day tomorrow so I am off to chill before sleepy time. I'm hoping to have a special post for you tomorrow if all goes to plan but you'll have to wait and see. Night x


Tell me some of your crazy flavor combos, you must have some?

I have so many its crazy. Like salt and vinegar crisps with chocolate so good!


  1. I really need to try oats in a jar. I have an almost empty almond butter jar in the cupboard with my name on it!

  2. S&V crisps with chocolate? Seriously? I love them both seperately but never had it combined.. need to give it a try!

    Well i usually don't eat special combos for some reason.. the only "crazy" thing I do is eat fruit and cheese. So boring!

  3. Oooh I have never tried peanut butter with my porridge before! I ususally just have blueberries and/or banana on mine (a wee bit of honey sometimes) and some seeds. Will def try it tho :)

  4. I LOVE salt and vinegar with chocolate! So funny thought it was only me! Love love how the chocolate tastes so sweet when you have just had the sour and salty crisps!
    The pumpkin seeds look interesting on the ice cream.
    I love ginger in pumpkin soup- not sure if that is crazy or not, but it works. Dont think I have any unusual ones.

  5. I've just read Karin's comment and I think I'm the same, cheese and pineapple is about as wacky as I get. Although I will try almost anything once so long as it's veggie!