Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Cookies Exchanged!

Its been a long day today, lots of comp sessions but no takers : (
I'm hating myself for the doubting feelings I'm having right now but this truly is the hardest thing I have ever done and the thought of it not working is pretty tough, anyway no more depressive talk lets get to the food!

The day started with carob and vanilla oats

Topped with a spoonful of peanut butter : )

I had some printing to do in the morning so got on with that, then made my way to the train station for my 10.30 train

I saw this graffiti on the way to the station, pretty cool huh?

Just before getting to Brighton I ate the last of my pumpkin and carrot slices. I got to the gym ready to spin my little heart out!

30 minute spin class
30 minute circuit

For lunch I had rice, peas, sweetcorn, pepper, soy beans and tuna in a tomato chili sauce

I also had this chewy trail mix bar which was way to sweet for me, I wont be buying one of these again.

Spent the afternoon doing comp sessions then got the train at 7.30pm

Oat cakes and an apple on the train

Soup and rice cakes for dinner.

Cookie Exchange!

I recently set up a cookie exchange for UK bloggers. Peeps that wanted to take part mailed me and I then paired everyone up. I paired myself with Laura of Keeping Slim an Getting Stylish

I made Laura some chocolate and cherry gluten and dairy free cookies

She isn't a dairy free and gluten free eater but I thought it would be nice to make something a little different.

Some tags

To make the package pretty

Care bears! Remember them?!

Here's what I sent Laura : )

Look what she sent me! Coconut and Sesame cookies!

Made with tahini my favorite! You can get the recipe here

Pudding today was apple sauce, a blueberry soy yogurt and a cookie obviously or 2!

Once I have received all the photos from each blogger that took part I will do a post for all to see the deliciousness that was sent : )

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a better day tomorrow, I have a few bookings so maybe something will come of one of them. Its so late and I'm real tired so I bid you farewell x


Do you like fruit yogurts or are you a natural lover?

I actually much prefer plain natural yogurt which is what I shall be getting next time


  1. Oh you guys made such an effort with the packaging! I was more concerned with making sure they weren't damaged in transit!
    LOVE the care bears was only talking about them the other day!

  2. Sorry to hear that things aren't that easy.. but all the hard work will pay off, you'll see!

    Those cookies look amazing! And the wrapping!! Love it.

  3. Hope you like the cookies! Your cookies were delicious, and I loved the care bears print on the bag, and your tags, so creative. Keep thinking positive about your little enterprise, you will succeed!

  4. i definitely prefer natural thick yogurts, with my own added toppings - then i can have whatever i feel like on top :)

    the cookies look beautiful!

  5. Those cookies look so lovely, and you both packaged them so beautifully! I like muller corner yoghurts or yoghurts that are plain with fruit or other bits you can have a little taste of with the plain..

  6. Both lots of cookies look amazing! What a great idea Tam! Beautifully packaged!

    I wish we lived closer, I would definitely hire you as I'm thinking about working with a PT again and you really sound like you know what you're doing - and most importantly you care!

  7. I wish I could have participated in a cookie exchange! I was just saying on Laura's page that the packaging is adorable!!

  8. Thanks for organising the cookie exchange, it was fun :)

    I much prefer natural yogurt, tasty and very versatile.

  9. Sunshine bear is my favourite! Where did you get the wrapping???

    I completely sympatise with you right now. The course is completely draining me to the point of nervous exhaustion and I haven't even started working yet... You did amazing to get through it all in one piece :)

    I wish you all the best and every success x

  10. Thank you Stella, I wish you lived near me too!

    Sarah I got the packaging a few years ago on ebay x x