Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Cookie Lovin........

Ello how are we today? Its Wednesday so we're half way there guys : )
Thank you all for your kind words you know who you are, and I really do appreciate everything you all write it means a lot.

Ok enough of the lovey stuff here's how my day went:

I started the day the same way as yesterday it was delish! I then got the train to Brighton, I got the early train and was there with loads of time to spare which meant plenty of time to get to starbucks and order an americano, soy milk and SF hazelnut bad of me yes but it tasted fab!

I had a client in the morning then trained with one of the other pts:

12 minutes cross trainer - intervals
TRX, leg press, deadlifts, hamstring curls on stability ball, supermans, leg abductor,
tricep kickbacks.

After my workout I was starved and couldn't wait to get into my cute lunch box : )

I've been dreaming of spinach for days and finally got a pack so lunch was even better than usual today. Rice with tuna, peas, sweetcorn and tom chili sauce with a big serving of spinach : )

Followed by a natures valley crunch bar. This was way to sweet for me, I'll stay clear of this from now on!

Afternoon was a bit of a let down, canceled sessions (not paid but still!). But I did put the rocket up my BLEEP and got some more comp sessions booked in thank god!

On the train home I ate some raw mushrooms and pepper which is going to be a common snack around here. I need more veggies and this is the perfect way for my to get them : )

I also had 10 of these bad boys

I ate the last of my soup for dinner and added some more veggies to make it even better!

Rice cakes for dipping

Bad pictures alert!
Pudding was fab, peach soy yogurt, apple sauce, an apple fried in a little coconut oil and a cookie form Laura! I may have had another cookie after and maybe another in the day........they're just to good! I'm cookie lovin!!!!!!!!!

Man you gotta try the apple and coconut oil, I also sprinkled with cinnamon whist it cooked, wow so good!

I've got a bit of work to do tonight so better get to it, hope you all have a good Thursday x x


Favorite portable snacks?

Mine would have to be oat cakes with tahini, apples, raw veggies, snack bars preferably home made : )


  1. I must get my hands on some coconut oil, that sounds lovely with apple. Glad your enjoying the cookies! I just had another of yours crumbled on top of a choc cherry green monster, OMG so good! My fave portable snack has to be apples, babybels and nakd bars :-)

  2. I LOVE your lunch box! I just packed my cute bento boxes for tomorrow and I can't wait to dig in. Cute boxes make everything better.
    It's good to know that I'm not the only one who is obsessed with all things cute. ;)

    I'm all for raw veggies but would probably constantly stuff my face with oat cakes if we had these over here.. they're to die for and I miss them. ;)

  3. Ah, your lunch box really is the cutest thing!