Saturday, 16 October 2010

Busy Bee

Hello guys sorry for being M.I.A but been a busy bee!
How are we all? Did you have a good week?

Mine has been busy as I said, busy at the gym with late finishes I'm also not sleeping to well which is annoying. I left you Wednesday, Thursday I went to my friend Emma-li's for dinner my sister was there too. Great girlie night with some yummy food, we had pork with veg and pots for dinner then a slice of my sisters chocolate cake for afters (pictured below). Jes is making a wedding cake and had to have a run through which meant A LOT of cake was on offer, how could I refuse?

I made a yummy lentil, butternut squash and swede stew yesterday and had it with some mash which was delish! Lots of good eats have passed my lips : )

Today started with a big old bowl of oats with some frozen berries thrown in and a spoonful of peanut butter : )

Early start today and it was pretty chilly waiting on the platform today. I think a winter coat will be needed pretty soon!

I had a few session today and also worked out myself:

15 minutes cross trainer
Lunges with Bicep curls (together) + Tricep dips - super set
Shoulder press, chest press + bent arm pull over - triple super set
Sit ups and side sit ups on stability ball - super sets
reps - 15 for all

For lunch I mixed some lentil stew with quinoa and spinach twas delish!

I also had an apple and some peanuts on my home.

I'm chilling at my sisters now after having a wonderful meal, chicken salad and pots. I'll post a photo tomorrow. I'm hoping to lie in tomorrow then in the afternoon I'm going to a friends to help her with an exercise programme in return for some paper work help. Then another busy week ahead : )

I'm off have a nice Saturday see ya tomorrow x x


Do you have a favorite training system?

PHA and functional is mine x


  1. Sounds like you've got tons on your plate.. hope you'll be able to sleep better soon!

  2. I don't really have a favourite training system as such, I just run a lot and follow the Tracy Anderson Method for toning and muscular structure work. :)

  3. That quinoa and lentil stew looks delicious! Favourite training system.. I've never tried PHA. I do really like doing plyo work and weighted cardio though. If I'm not strength training then I'm looking for muscular endurance and stability. Though when I'm on my third set of frog jumps I can never quite remember why that is important to me.. :D

  4. Hope you have a good day, I can relate on the sleeping thing, I've been sleeping really badly recently! I don't really have a favourite training system - I just make it up as I go!

  5. I never have a favourite for very long, I'm too restless and keep changin my mind! But I do really love tabata workouts! Like the sound of PHA though.
    Hope you get to enjoy a lie in!

  6. I am a walker and try to get out no less than twice a day, regardless of the weather I have to get out and walk. Not always far but at least some.