Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Answer Is In The Cookie

I'm glad your all feeling the love for Laura my guest blogger she definitely is an inspiration : )
Sunday again and a new week begins tomorrow and what a busy week I have its filled with clients, job interviews, flat viewings, friends and family. Hopefully I'll get time to blog, eat and sleep too! I have lots of photos for you so grab a cuppa sit back and enjoy.............

I found these the other day in a Chinese food shop near the station I go to on my way to Brighton. These sesame cakes are a lot like sesame snaps but less sweet and to me a lot nicer. They have just enough sugar to hold them together which is more than enough.

A tasty way to get your calcium right?!

Saturday I didn't have time to make lunch so grabbed a low fat sweet chilli king prawn wrap and indulged in a vegan flap jack from Infinity Foods. This is the most amazing health food shop I find it hard to go in and not come out with my hands full and my purse a little lighter, I limit my self to once a week if that as I can't afford to indulge to much! Whenever you are in Brighton this shop is a definite pit stop that should be made by all!
I ate my lunch late on the train home.

In the Chinese food store I also picked up a fortune cookie.......

"The answer is in the cookie"

is that the answer?


Good news will come to you from far away - here's hoping!

Saturday night was spent eating good food, drinking some pear cider and chatting with a fabulous friend. We had a pyjama party at hers she cooked I brought the cider and X Factor entertained us : )

Today started with porridge that had sliced strawberries in it, topped with yogurt and cinnamon.
I spent the morning hanging out with Maggie chatting and drinking coffee.

Lunch was amazing! I had freshly picked leaves from the garden, grilled polenta topped with a steamed veggie and mackerel mix.

Truly delicious.

Followed by a carob and orange protein ice cream topped with fluff!

I made a big batch of soup and enjoyed a bowl for dinner.

Parsnip, Carrot and Red Lentil Soup

1 onion
2 cloves garlic
1tsp stock
1 large carrot
2 parsnips
1 cup red lentils
1tsp mixed herbs
1/2tsp turmeric

Slice onion, crush garlic fry in a little oil.
Cut veg, put in pot and fill with boiled water.
Add lentils, bring to the boil them simmer for 30 minutes.
Whiz it up, enjoy : )


Have you tried fluff, do you like it?

Hmmmmmmm 2 words Very Sweet!


  1. Is that marshmallow fluff? I used to love a blob of that in hot chocolate.

  2. I've never tried Fluff but have seen it in the shops. Is it marshmellow...yum!

  3. I love fluff! I had to stop myself from buying a tub the last time I saw it or I'd end up just stuffing my face with it! I would love to have some where like infinity foods close by but I'd be very skint!