Tuesday, 14 September 2010

New Products = Lucky Me!

Ok I warned ya and I wasn't joking this is a photo heavy post!
Hello by the way, how ya doing?

I'm taking you back in time for a little while hope that's ok with you? I have lots of thing to tell since I got home Sunday so lets get to shall we..........


When I finally got home Sunday after a monster drive from Bournemouth I had lots of post waiting for me which included a big parcel. I ripped straight into it and had a wonderful surprise. Look what the knid people from Rude Health sent little old me : ) This company make some fantastic breakfast cereal options using natural ingredients and I couldn't wait to my samples. They sent me granola, fruity porridge and puffed oats.

After unloading the car I was need of a smoothie and I new what would make the perfect topping.......Rude Health Granola! I made a chocolate smoothie and topped with a good serving of granola, WOW this is gooooooood cereal if a store near you sells it go buy you wont regret it!

After my smoothie had settled I took advantage of the beaming sun and went for a run around the park:

40 minutes including hills and LOTS of steps

back home and freshened up I made my way to my sisters for some much needed sister time, 6 weeks without her has been hard!

I got to Jes's and look what she got me from her recent trip to France

These are caramelized almonds! How cute is this box?

She also gave me this cute biscuit : )

We chatted for ages and before we new it dinner time was upon us. Jes made the most amazing meal. Asian style salmon on a noodle and raw veg salad with a yummy dressing. There wasn't a scrap left on my plate I can tell ya!

A while after dinner I cracked open the almonds which kinda look like rabbits droppings but believe me they were tasty little droppings!

I also ate my cookie, yum : )


Monday morning I had another surprise, the lovely people from Total Greek Yogurt sent me this giant array of their products, the day started very well!

6 giant pots +

8 little ones including some split pots of 2% greek yogurt and honey : )

Breakfast was a giant green monster topped with granola, yep Rude Health is going to start a new addiction I feel.......

I spent the morning applying for jobs and replying to emails........

Snack: apple + rice cakes + peanut butter = : )

For lunch I decided to get inventive. Yogurt + olive pesto + tuna + steamed veggies.
This was delicious I'm loving the yogurt!

In the afternoon I went for my crazy rain and wind run but you guys know about that already!

Dinner was AMAZING! I had a baked pot topped with peas, sweetcorn and prawns with were cooked in coconut oil with some fresh corriander

My oh my I missed having a clean kitchen to make food. This really was a great meal and so simple to make : )

I couldn't resist some more yogurt for pudding.........

The split honey pot was calling my name........

Topping an apple with it was the perfect pud


Finally we are back in real time, I hope your still with me!?
I woke up at 5.45am scoffed a rice cake and peanut butter then got ready for the gym.

35 minutes spin bike
PHA Training
(peripheral heart training)
shoulder press, squats with barbell, up right row 15 reps each
1 min star jumps, 1 min high knees, 1 min lunges

Bicep curls, tricep kick backs, chest press, lat pull down, leg extension, leg abductor
15 reps 3 sets of each

This all took just under 2hrs! Fab way to start the day : )

(I will do a post on some of the fabulous training systems I learnt promise!)

Home and Hungry!

A quick shower gave me time to think about breakfast I new exactly what I wanted
Rude Healths fruity date porridge was screaming out to me!

I made up 1/3 c of porridge with water then topped with a vanilla smoothie filling and delicious.
The porridge is really yummy and I love the little bits of apple that's in there : )

Ok I have a busy day ahead, I'm off to Brighton today to speak to the manager of Fitness First gym. There is a PT job there and its an informal chat about the job and what the deal is and if I like it she's gonna set up an actual interview. I'm pretty sure I wont be able to take it as its on the bases that you rent your space, then have access to all of their clients. At this moment in time I'm broke but it will be good experience so I thought I'd go anyway.

Better get ready I suppose, really not sure what to wear something smart but casual hmmmmmmmmmmmm.............

How long to you generally stay in the gym?

It really depends on what I'm doing but since learning all this amazing new stuff I definitely see me staying there a lot longer!


  1. Glad your on the total bandwagon too, I've really been enjoying my yoghurt haul! Same with the Rude Health stuff, I love the porridge they sent me aswell!

  2. Oh, just remembered I forgot to add to my comment - hope your interview is interesting and that you get lots out of it. The amount of time I spend at the gym usually depends on how long I have to spare, anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours!

  3. Hey there! Just catching up on your posts- congrats on becoming a personal trainer! That's awesome!

    I love how healthy and colourful for your food is- it's really inspiring.

    Hope Brighton goes well x

  4. Just coming out of lurker mode to say congrats on passing your course and to thank you for the Rude Health post. They make muesli with no raisins. I was begining to think such a thing didn't exist!

    When I went to the gym how long I stayed depended on how busy it was. I hate waiting for equiptment as it kills my motivation.

  5. Rude Health stuff looks lovely, I haven't seen it on sale anywhere up here to try it.
    Hope the interview experience is a good one!

    I tend to go to the gym for 30 mins - 1 hour, depending on what I'm doing. I have a 20 min walk each way too so I like to get in and out quick most of the time!

    Did you ever post your chocolate/beetroot smoothie recipe Tam?

  6. I don't think i did ya know! I'll have to do some experimenting as I can't remember it! x x

  7. Best wishes for Wednesday, Tam!


  8. those rude health products look awesome. and i <3 fage. good luck w/ the interview! hope it went well!

  9. OK I thought that "Rude health" was a joke? no? my bad.

    I heart Fage just a bit more than any of the other greek yogurts.

    Renting space? Like a hairdresser? Or a dentist? How odd, I didn't know it worked like that.