Saturday, 11 September 2010

Level 3 Party!

Hello peeps, how's it going?
I'm hung over again! Yep I decided to stay last night and have one last night out with the L3 Personal Trainers and it was well worth it I had a blast : )

I started the day smoothie style. Chocolate and banana was the flavor of choice, which gave me the fuel I needed to power through 2 really hard workouts.

30 minutes spinning HARD
followed by
40 minutes circuits UBER HARD!

Once showered we had to go to the class room site and sort out all of folders to be signed off.
I had an apple and some almonds for a post workout snack.

Still can't get over it, 6 weeks done!

We got to leave at lunch time which was a bonus! I had rice, tofu and raw veggies for lunch and it was crazy filling but real yummy : )

When we got back to the hotel i packed up some stuff and then went into town with Emma one last time, she got picked up by her boyfriend last night before we all went out which was a shame cause it meant she couldn't come out : (

Before I met the others I made a dinner of sardines and steamed veg in a sundried tomato sauce, it was a tummy filler that's for sure!

Then I got ready for my night out with the gang............

We started with a few drinks in the not very nice living room of the hotel, couple of the guys on the course Jordan and Sam real sweeties : )

Here's some more of the boys, Floyd, Blane and Dan really gonna miss my buddies : (

We left for town and proceeded to dance the night away, I had a fab time it was a great ending to the last 6 weeks. Kinda sad its all over not the work load but not seeing the crew for our early morning exercise sessions does make me a little sad : (

Onto new and wonderful things though for all of us which can only be a great thing!

I woke up this morning way to early and downed 2 solpadine and a berocca, once that had settled I made a vanilla and carob smoothie.

Just what was needed : )

I spent the morning packing the last of my stuff and saying farewells. Then drove to my uncles where I am now. I'm staying here till about 7 waiting for the roads to be less busy then my long drive home awaits. 3hrs more or less then back to my lovely bed. I can't WAIT to sleep in my bed its gonna be sooooooooo good!

Time to read some of your fab blogs before I head off bye for now x x

Question: Are you a fake eyelash kinda girl?

I so am I love fake eyelashes, fake tan the lot the faker the better!


  1. awwwwwww! Congrats on finishing up! Bittersweet I bet. Hooray for having your kitchen back though!!

  2. Cor! You all look so fit, radiant(you:) and healthy:)

    Eyelashes? I wouldn't say no if lashes are looking abit sparse:)

    Congrats once again!

  3. love the pics!!

    and I'm hung over again = just means you were celebrating properly!


  4. Congratulations again on finishing up! I love false eyelashes, in fact you've just reminded me that I need to buy some more in time for party season! I usually just use the outer lashes for a more subtle look.

  5. You look so glamourous all dolled up for your night out!! Well done with your workout - you rock!

  6. I love putting false eyelashes on, but I rarely do it because I always need someone else to do it for me :D

  7. Thanks for posting the schedule :) I would love to try fake eyelashes but I have a hard enough time putting eyeliner on... any tips would be appreciated!

  8. You are sooooo pretty! I can't do fake eyelashes but I love mascara! Lashings of it! x

  9. Congratulations!

    You scrub up really nicely too :oD (wish I had the doodah to use things like fake eyelashes, I think they look fabulous)

  10. I'm so pleased for you that you passed Tam! Massive congratulations!! I knew you could do it :D

    I do love your hair and make-up so much and I'm very envious of your ability to put on false eyelashes! I am definitely not a fake eyelash kinda girl, but only because I'm hopeless at it!

  11. CONGRATS on passing!

    Sad to leave your new buddies. And man, are they ever built!

    Love falsies- they are so much fun.

  12. PS. I saw a :( sad face in your first smoothie shot- the raisins were making a sad face at the mention of a 'hangover' :-)