Tuesday, 21 September 2010

I Heart Debs!!!!

You'll understand the title of my post if you don't get bored and fall a sleep because again I have a monster of a post with lots of pictures. I've been a bad blogger too busy to filter my my life into words and tell the word, sorry! Hope your all happy, healthy and had a fab weekend?!

Rewind to Saturday and I went somewhere I NEVER go. When your grandmother that you never see wants to go to the golden arches you kinda gotta say yes................ : (

Yep Mc Donalds was my grandmothers refreshment stop of choice. For some reason she loves it?! I on the other hand do not but I'd go her! I had a coke zero, I also never drink soft drinks but there wasn't much choice so I went with the flow, yes I could have had water but I wasn't feeling it.........

My sister Jes with our Gran x x

Me and my gran love her!

Over the weekend I had some great foods:
Smoothies topped with granola, rye bread and tahini, tuna + noodles + veggies +sesame oil, prawns + veggies + pesto, pecan mini tart (not very nice!), coffee with soy milk, crisp apples oh and a booze fueled Saturday night but no photos which is probably for the best!


I woke up early (but still uber tired!) ate a rice cake with peanut butter and drank a berroca. I then wrote out all my forms/session plan for my first client. At about 6.45am I hit the streets for a run:

40 minutes - hills + rough terrain!

I had a vanilla and banana smoothie topped with raisins and puffed oats (I am in love with these puffed oats I had them again today!)

After breakfast I went to meet my first client. She actually lives about 3 minutes form my house, bonus! I did a consultation at her house then we went to the park for a workout. Her feedback was great and she has booked a second session so I'm very pleased with that : )

Got home, got ready (ate one of my healthy cookies) then off to Brighton I went.......

I had an interview yesterday afternoon and I was also meting a very lovely lady for lunch......

We decided on vegan food to fill our tummys.........

Look who was lucky enough to have lunch with, Debs from Smoothie Girl Eats Too!
Yep I Heart Debs!
If you remember back in July I met up with Debs in London you can read about it here. Back in the U.K Debs had time to meet up again and I'm so glad she did : )

For lunch I ordered a burger without the bun. Soy and sweet potato burger with a giant salad and sweet potato wedges.

My burger was super tasty.

Debs had vegan sausages in a wrap with salad and sweet pot wedges, I'm pretty sure she liked this dish ; )

Tummy's filled it was time to move on.............

and get coffee! I had an iced soy coffee, we took our drinks and chatted while we walked around the city : )

It was pretty windy down by the sea so after a quick photo we moved back towards town.......

Debs in front of Brighton Pavilion. I had so much fun and love how much we just get on. Its good to chat with someone that feels the same about health and fitness as me.

After seeing Debs off onto her train I stayed in Brighton for my interview. I think it went ok and definitely hoped it did! The fitness manager is calling me back today after 1pm so fingers crossed!

Back on the train I couldn't help but go through the AMAZING goodie bag Debs gave me!
One of her husbands companies bags, which is fab it has so many pockets and is the perfect size for lunch and smoothie cups : )

This lady must have known I am a magazine monster!


Oops very blurred!
I'll tell ya whats there, carob chips, bars, savory bean snack, chocolate.

Stevia! More bars and some almond and linseed butter, which I will take a photo of later.
I couldn't believe my goody bag what a lucky lady I am, thank you Debs your a darling!

Back home I ate sardines, veggies and tom sauce, you guys all know what that looks like!

Followed by one of my goodies from the bag! This was so good, chocolate and hazelnut heaven!

I had a great day yesterday, and hope to get some good news today!

I did have another interview today at Curves have you heard of it? Its a world wide organization for women. Again I think the interview went ok but to be honest I don't see me wanting to work there. Obviously I would if I it was the only choice but I think I want something more..............

I plan a couple of classes later spin and pump. I can't wait I haven't been spinning for over a week! This is not good : ( I'm also going to the gym before with my sister, pretty busy evening ahead! This could mean no post tonight so have a nice day x x x


Do you have friends that love health and fitness or is it your blogger friends that you share that with?

I'll be honest my friends are definitely not into health and fitness which is why I feel so blessed to have met the people I have from blogging. I have only met up with one blogger in person which is Debs but have had correspondents with others, we can all chat about health and fitness without getting bored. love it!

P.S You can vote for me on foodbuzz here!


  1. Oh I wish I was back down in Brighton! Looks like you had so much fun. Hope you get good news today! I have a small group of close friends, none of them are really that into health and fitness, but my best friend does a few classes and is a foodie like me so I enjoy being able to share things with her. Thats really why I started by blog so I could ramble on about my healthy food and fitness!

  2. Fingers crossed!

    What an awesome goodie bag you got :) and I find it so funny that your grandmum likes McDonald's. I don't think my grandmum even knows what it is :D

  3. It cetainly does help having like-minded supportive peeps around you, I certainly agree with you there(you're blessed on that score, Tam)! Yaaaaay, you've got your new vocation off to a great start with your first client....yipeee sounds like yoour a natural too:)

  4. Ooohhh sweet potato wedges! YUM! you are a very good grandaughter x

  5. Looks like you had a really lovely couple of days! How lovely of Deb to give you a goodie bag!

    Congrats on the job by the way! Also loved your food blogger post and will be giving you a vote! I was going to take part but chickened out in the end!

  6. FUN. i love you and i love deb. you guys had a blast! and i will go vote for you for foodbuzz :) xo

  7. LOL... Magazine monster...I know exactly what you mean. It looks like it was a great ladies day out. And I just sent a vote Atcha. Have a great week.

  8. sounds like such a fun date! i really love brighton and my bf actually wants to move there. ;)
    ragusa.. oh i would eat my weight in ragusas. :)

    my friends aren't that much into healthy food and working out either. it's such a shame! that's an other reason why i love the blogworld :)

  9. Hey Tam, good to have found you :) My friends show a charitable interest in my running and food "quirks", but never really want to talk about it in any depth. That has to be why people get into blogging, right!? Good luck with the job :)

  10. Awww, the feeling is entirely mutual- we had a super fun day, didn't we!! Loved it- thanks for hanging out! That lunch was off the hook. Veg sausages, yes please!

    When I read the part about one of my husband's bags, my mind interpreted it as having many husbands! hee hee. Glad you liked the goodie bag. I heart that bag mucho as you know.

    So proud of you getting your dream job. And yay for Micky D's having Coke zero (my fave bad drink)

    Much love,