Thursday, 9 September 2010

I Am A Personal Trainer!

Hello everyone, I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes folks I am officially a personal trainer! I'm so happy, I can't believe I've been here for 6 weeks and have learnt so much. I made it to the end and my dream is just beginning which feels amazing : )

My day started with a vanilla coffee smoothie topped with nuts and coconut

This was perfect workout fuel : )

I made my way to the gym for 8.30am to be ready for my assessment. My partner Karl was first at 9 and I was his body then I had mine at 10am. It went so well and I was really pleased with how it went but it was still nerve racking waiting for my results! My assessor was really impressed and pleased with my session and I didn't even get 1 cross so I am uber proud! I had to stick around till 3pm because I was someone elses body for their assessment so before lunch we had a run through of her session (work out 2 of the day!)

I was starving when lunch time came so was pleased I had a filling lunch packed. Rice, raw veggies and tofe with mixed herbs and a drizzle of olive oil : )

These little fellas were needed after the third workout of the day! Emma passed too so it was happy faces all round!

We went and had a cocktail to celebrate and after the past 6 weeks we deserved it!

Yum : )

The sun came out to share our joy!

WE also went to wagamamas for dinner which was kind of a farewell dinner too as Emma lives near Bristol which is about 5hrs from my home in the south : (
She had a lemon grass and coconut curry with tofu which was insanely hot but she loved it.

I also had a noodle vegetable soup with tofu, chicken, bamboo shoots, greens and white fish

Twas good but not enough veggies for me!

On the way home I had a chocolate binge not good but I'm putting that behind me and figure with all the working out I did today its fine!

I'm so tired which means bed time got our last spin and circuit sessions tomorrow at 8am so better get some much needed sleep.

Night all x


Have you ever followed a dream?

This has been a dream of mine for years and after taking the biggest leap its only just beginning and I can't wait to find out where it takes me : )


  1. Coolest congrats! I'm very happy for you:) Very rewarding vocation you've got and what better motivation to staying fit and healthy to help others on there way to freedom and happiness(health is wealth:) I'll hire you(if only I can afford to:)Great chain 'tis Wagamama:) As for myself I'm still working on them!

    Bonne nuit (Great to hear the awesome news, thanks for sharing / posting:).


  2. Huge congrats! Well done for passing. I wouldn't be worrying about any chocolate, you deserve that chocolate after all the hard work you've put in! I haven't really started on any of my 'big' dreams but I feel like thats all to come in my future. I hope wherever your journey takes you its fab!

  3. Tam, you're a star!!! Congratulations, I'm sooo happy for you! You worked so hard for this and now you’ve reached your goal.. you're such an inspiration! Can I book you for a PT session when I move to the UK next year? Lol

  4. Hey, well done! Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday - I was beginning to have a minor melt down and your comments made me feel a lot better... I only hope that I can do as well as you :) x

  5. Congratulations on following your dream and becoming a PT. I followed mine to become a yoga instructor and am currently training to be a massage therapist too. If you want something enough it will happen :)

  6. CONGRATS!!! And yes, I followed my dream to become a personal trainer too. You're going to love it ;)

  7. Congratulations! Brilliant news :-)

  8. Big Big congratulations! Enjoy your weekend love xxx

  9. Congratulations! I wanted to be a primary school teacher since I started school and fell for my P1 teacher! It took a while as I was not a good student and I had to go to college when I left school, then go to uni to do an easier degree, then get experience in schools before finally doing a post-grad in teaching! It was worth it while I actually had a job!

  10. Congrats! making dreams happen is the best feeling :)

  11. YAY! It's official that you're a trainer! Wow how cool is that, girl!

    (Can't believe that I'm soooo behind in reading that I missed this!)

    Yes, I followed a dream I had since I was about 10 yrs old- to be a dentist. Once I became a dentist, I realized that it wasn't all that I had dreamed of. Still a good job and something to fall back on.