Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Have I Tasted the Best Ever Nut Butter?

Can you believe it another 2 post day, you lucky readers! Have we all had a good day?
Mine has been pretty lazy to be honest, soaking it up till I have to work my butt off for my new business! Yep the job I accepted is actually me setting up my own business in the Brighton gym. This is going to be insanely hard but I'm going to give it my best shot and really hope I have what it takes, only time will tell...........

When I got back from spin this morning I ate one of my healthy cake cookies : )

I then spent the morning writing out my next session plan for my Monday client (last Mondays) so it is all sorted for our next meet and also doing her SMART goals.

This dear friends is the little pot of heaven the lovely Debs brought me from the US. This lady obviously knows her nut butters remember the nut butters I won from Debs, those too were insanely good!

I can't describe how good this is but let it be known I may have died and gone to nut butter heaven, yes it is that good! I have tasted the best ever nut butter I ask myself? Maybe : )

Especially on rice cakes...........

.............with Red Lentil Stew

I'm loving this stew, its got me ready for winter foods bring on the stews, soups and casseroles!

Lunch was followed by apple and soy yogurt topped with cinnamon

Love this bowl : )

Here are some new foods I picked up while in Brighton on Monday. Me and Debs couldn't resist a snoop around the oriental market.

Seasoned seaweed

and green tea noodles! Can't wait to try these!

I spent the afternoon writing out my "about me" section for my personal profile which will go up on the PT board at the gym. I shall email it off tonight ready for Friday. I'm popping over to Brighton Friday to have my uniform sorted and photo taken for my profile. Still can't believe all this is happening!

I also ordered my personal business cards!

I apologies for my evening photos but the lighting at home is bad in the day let alone at night. This unfortunately means dinner photos are pants, but I shall post them anyway!

For dinner I had a giant plate of roasted veggies and olive pesto basmati rice. I had butternut squash, broccoli, mushrooms, garlic cloves and fresh beets from the garden which were super sweet : )
For the rice I literally boiled some basmati brown rice and stirred in a Tbsp of olive pesto.

I made a make shift crumble for pud. I heated up some frozen berries topped with some granola and soy yogurt, twas delish : )

I plan a early morning trip to the gym tomorrow morning for some strength and cardio action. I'm meeting a friend for lunch and then my sister in the afternoon so busy busy tomorrow.

Time to chill.........night! x x


Do you have any make shift pudding ideas you would like to share?

My crumble above was yummy and just what my sweet tooth needed : )


  1. Wow, good luck with setting up your own business - exctiting stuff! I am also insanely jealous of your nut butter! American nut butters just look absolutely amazing.

  2. All good business are indeed, a labour of love and all consuming(bit like a good blog I guess:)Just remember! as long as you're looking after yourself(ie good fuel, rest / sleep, exercise and play:) you'll be fine and find work a pleasure(just as long as your loving and enjoying 'work':)! My make shift pud would be ice-cream made from spotty nanas chunks from the freezer, nice with some cacoa nibs, drop of peppermint essential oil and maybe some almond butter if your feeling decadent all processed in a FP(yum:)

    Healthy blessings xoxo

  3. Ooh! I LOVE seasoned seaweed. I kind of geeked out a little because I'm studying Korean and (sort of) could read the packaging.

  4. Last night I blended some silken tofu with peanut butter and agave and topped it with some black cherry jam to make a pb and jam mousse! I have it for my snack today, can't wait to eat it! I know what you mean about the photos, I have to use my flash now and my photos have started to look pants!

  5. Green tea noodles, I didn't know those existed! I can't wait to see your dish when you cook them :)

  6. So glad you like the nut butter- I wish I knew what they put in it to make it that good, but I'm hooked!

    You'll do great in your business- you have the passion and the smarts!