Saturday, 18 September 2010

Cobnuts are all the Rage!

Morning peeps, no post yesterday which means this may be a 2 post day again : )
My sister tells me that cobnuts are all the rage apparently. I buy them every year not just for the sweet taste but they have good health benefits too. Cobnuts contain linoleic acid which is vital for healthy growth and development as well as being a good source of B1, B2 and B6.
That's your Saturday fact so lets get to the eats......

Look what I had in the cupboard that was in the need of filling with warm porridge

Peanut butter jar (empty!) filled with chocolate protein oats, banana and topped with cobnuts

Its been a while since this breakfast was in my life and I'm glad for its return, yum!

I spent the morning writing and printing forms that I need for clients and mid morning my name was being called from the tin that was housing my healthy cookies......

Soup with rice cakes and rye bread, I could choose so went with both!

Afternoon, granola, yogurt and strawberries

In the evening I went to my sisters but took my dinner with me.......

Rice, veggies, olives and olive pesto

My sister had these new gluten free brownies and when offered one I couldn't refuse!

Each one is individually wrapped, great for taking out when your in the need for a sweet treat : )


I kinda whizzed through as I have to go to the gym and meet my sister this morning. She has finally given in and is joining the gym, and now I'm fully qualified she is putting herself in my hands to get her back in shape and feeling fit. I'm looking forward to training her and hope she likes what I have planned! Its gonna be tough but fun : )


Favorite jar to eat your breakfast from?

Mine would have to be an almond butter jar but peanut will do just fine : )


  1. Mmmmm brownies! I have to say I've never eaten my breakfast from a jar before! But I'm willing to try any thing :-) x

  2. Wholeearth Peanut one of course(it's not just me then; I'm in good company:)!


  3. I thought that you had tummy troubles with peanuts? Hmm. My memory isn't what it used to be. Perhaps pecans.

    That jar of oats looks amazing.

  4. it strange i've never heard of cobnuts before?

    i'm on a huge muesli kick right now so my breakfast is always served in a bowl. but of course, i'd eat it out of anything though :)