Thursday, 16 September 2010

Cob Nuts + Strawberries for £1 - Bargain!

Well it seems my 2 post day was to make up for my no post day yesterday, sorry I've been a busy lady and was just too tired last night to do a blog post. Which means dear friends I hope your comfy as there are many photos for you so sit back with a coffee and enjoy.................

I went to the gym in the morning and had a fab workout:

30 min cross trainer/air walker thing - intervals
20 min treadmill intervals
15 min bike intervals

In the afternoon I went to Battle which is a few miles from my town. Me and some friends found a quaint little coffee house and got a table outside.

It was right opposite the Abbey (Battle Abbey!)

Steph, Jes (sister!) and Sulie

Me, Steph and Jes

I had a mint t, all the drinks came with a complimentary biscuit so yes I did treat myself!

Instead of a single photo for each meal I have thrown them all together:
The day started with a smoothie, prawn and veggie rice for lunch followed by a flapjack from a local bakery. Dinner was homemade spinach and butternut quash soup with rye bread followed by an apple parfait.


Started the day with a vanilla and carob smoothie topped with puffed oats and raisins. This was yummy but as the season changes and the mornings get colder this iced breakfast is losing its appeal I think porridge is going to be necessary sooner than I thought........

After breakfast I went to meet Wayne for a coffee. I missed him so much while I was away so it was really good to catch up. I had a soya latte no pic soz!

After our coffee we had a look round the farmers market and I picked up some tasty treats...............

Fresh produce ya can't beat it!

A little later Wayne went to his mama's and I went to the gym:

20 min air walker - intervals
PHA Training -
10kg barbell - shoulder press, squats, up right row each 15 reps
1 min star jumps, 1 min high knees, 1 min lunges
followed by basic 3 sets 15 reps on:
chest flyes, prone flyes, bent arm pull over, tricep extension, leg press and leg abductor
1 min plank, leg raises

This was a good sweaty workout!

I picked up these tubs of deliciousness at the farmers market, strawberries and cob nuts both for a £1 each! Bargain!

I love cob nuts!

Nice and red how strawberries should be : )

Yummy cob nut : )

For lunch I had 1/2 a sweet pot topped with mackerel + steamed veggies in a tom sauce

Good combo

Look at the pretty plate Maggie bought me!

I love it

Especially when there are some healthy cake/cookies on top!

Carrot Fruit and Coconut Cookies

1.5 c Fruity date porridge oats (Rude Health)
2 grated carrots
1/3 c sweet freedom natural sweeter
1/4 c coconut oil
1 egg
1/3 c un-sweetened desiccated coconut
1tsp baking powder
sprinkled with cinnamon just before going in the oven

Stir it all up and cook on Gas 4 for 25/30 minutes

3 may have been eaten but there is no photographic evidence of this so who knows!?

I spent the afternoon writing client contracts and thinking about exercise sessions.
I have my first client Monday and need to sort the session out, can't wait should be fun : )

Dinner was the same as yesterday soup!

For pud I had an apple and some of the strawberries I bought today topped with 2% greek yogurt and cinnamon

Tomorrow I plan a run and to finish off my session plan. Oh and I have to go to my sisters to see her hubby he's helping me sort my business plan, the one I have to take with me to the INTERVIEW I got for the job in Brighton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep I actually have a formal interview next Monday. I'm sick with fear and excitement but I'm just gonna go head first into this, I want this to be my future : )


Have you tried cob nuts?

I love um, once you get threw the teeth cracker of a shell the nut is sweet and tasty!


  1. i am jealous of your surroundings!!! never tried cob nuts. that plate is awesome!

  2. hey! i just found your blog and thought i'd say hello! i'm a bit or a running enthuse and wanna-be gym junkie: hope you don't mind if i pick your brain a little :)

  3. OO you've got an enviable farmer's market(if the pics are anything to go by:), Tam! I've tried cobnobs curtesy of the local Sainsburys (at least they were local and British:) obviously not as fresh as yours mind(you are blessed to have this great resource at your doorstep:0)!

  4. What are cob nuts? I've never heard of them before and I love finding about about new things! You must be so excited about your interview, I really hope it goes well for you. I know what you mean about these cold mornings. I don't want to give up my favourite chocolate cherry green monster but hot porridge is looking a lot better most days!

  5. OMG so that is your first ever client monday morning! So exciting! Good luck! And you'll do great on your interview monday! :-)

    I have never ever even heard of a cob nut. I'll have to go looking for them on Sunday!


  6. Ive never heard of Cob Nuts neither, they look interesting!!

  7. I have never tried or heard of a cob nut. How would you use it in cooking?

  8. Cobnuts are yummy straight up out of the shell or roasted in the oven any which way they are tasty and sweet : )

  9. Good luck on Monday! I'm sure you'll rock the interview :)