Friday, 24 September 2010

Calling All UK Cookie/Cake Lovers

Hey guess what its FRIDAY!!!!!!!!
Which means for most of you 2 days off right? For me it is another day of excitement I am off to Brighton today to get my photo taken for the personal trainers board. I will also be sorting uniform and my personal profile which is also for the board. Lets a take a little rewind to yesterday, left you mid morning after my crazy workout remember?

For lunch I had my homemade red lentil and swede stew with rice cakes and tahini. I then went to town to meet Steve my old work colleague for a coffee and catch up. I had my usual iced coffee with soy milk and Steve had a mocha.

Didn't want to bore you with my coffee but Steve's was so pretty I took a shot for ya. We had a good chat, it was lovely to hang out for a while. The only thing I actually miss from Orange is working with Steve he's such a lovely guy : )

Look what I picked up at the shop a little later.........Halva!

Halva is one of my favorite sweet treats, this is going to go into the cupboard for when I need something really sweet : )
Laura I so do the same with tahini and honey!

I spent the evening at my sister Jes's with 2 other girlie friends. Jes made an amazing dinner for us.......

Pork, roast pots, mustard mash, green beans, braised cabbage and a horseradish and apple sauce.

I don't usually eat pork but this was yummy and the sauce peeps you gotta try it, horseradish and apple sauce so so good! The pots and veggies were real tasty it really was a fab meal, thanks Jes x

A while later Jes got the chocolates out........

If you've tried these you know how good they are!

One of each flavor? Hmmmmmm go on then!

We had a lovely evening, there's nothing like having an evening with the girls ya know?

So I am up and need to get ready for my meeting today but first here's breakfast:

I bought this chocolate oatly drink a while ago and decided I would crack it open today

I also decided to have a big old bowl of porridge

Topped with the heavenly nut butter : )

Right the title of this post "Calling All UK Cookie/Cake Lovers" needs explaining right?
Well at the beginning of the year I took part in a cookie exchange with this lady . Basically we were paired up and sent each other cookies. It was great fun and obviously very tasty. I would like to set up another exchange with all you lovely UK bloggers that I have now found and have found me. What do ya think? If you are interested leave a comment here and also email me -
If enough of you are interested I will arrange a cookie/cake exchange for us!


Cookie/Cake exchange are you in?!

Readers if you know of any UK bloggers that would interested but don't read my blog send them my way to take part x


  1. I would love to take part in a cookie exchange! I shall email you x

  2. I really like Oatly. I've yet to try the chocolate version, mainly because I doubt it would last more than a day once I've bought it!

    I'm afraid I don't have much of a baking head on me right now, as I'm in the process of going vegan and am going to have to learn how to do everything from scratch. I don't want to inflict that on anyone! If I practice really hard though then maybe I can take part next time.. :D

  3. Hope the photo, etc turns out well! So exciting that you start MONDAY! Ah! Um that mocha is so gorgeous. How fun. And a very sweet dinner as well. I love the idea of a cookie exchange! I may need to kick of a US version

  4. A cookie exchange sounds awesome! I'd love to join in :)

  5. I love Ferrero's chocolate :P If I lived in UK and if I could bake I would exchange cookies with you :)

  6. Oh we definitely need to make an other cookie exchange when I'm all settled in the UK. :)

    Your porridge looks so good!!

  7. What? Why on earth do you not eat "THe Other White Meat" very often- I heart pork!

    Have fun with your exchange!

  8. Hello,

    I really enjoy reading your blog! I'd be up for the cookie/cake bake exchange. Also how was the Oatly chocolate milk? I almost got some the other day.


  9. Would love you to take part Ruby! Oatly is delish but has nearly all gone its too good! x x

  10. I'd love to take part - emailing you now! :)