Sunday, 26 September 2010

Another Vino : )

Good evening Sunday readers, have you had a fun weekend?
Mine has been lots of fun but has resulted in me waking up yet again on a Sunday with a painful head, I will explain that in a bit............

I left you yesterday after my lunch and look what also got eaten, yes dear friends that is a giant lump of dark chocolate covered marzipan! I really have been eating a little out of control lately, but new job starts tomorrow which means I shall be to busy for all this crazy snacking, thank god!

For dinner I had some homemade red lentil and butternut squash soup with ryvita and peanut butter

I heated the soup up in the vita mix which made it go way to thick but it was still tasty so I ate about half this bowl.

In the evening I put my glad rags on and went to my friend Wayne's for some vino........

and some jelly strawberries!

I stayed at Waynes till I received a text from my sister telling me she was out in town, this lead to me and Wayne leaving our safe nest and hitting the streets for some boozy madness!
(Qualified PT me? Oh yes!)

I met up with my sister and her friends. This is Orlando one of my sisters work colleagues, he was in fancy dress for a birthday

Me my sister and Orlando

We stayed out and partied till late then home...........

Morning............after a berocca and solpadine cocktail I was ready to make my way to town to meet my sister and hang out at hers : )

I indulged in a soy coffee frescato from costa

Me and Jes made some good hangover food for breakfast........

We made some breakfast wraps. Bacon, egg, mushrooms and spinach.
This was delish, we also have been snacking on tortilla chips and hummus : )

I will show you dinner tomorrow but for now I must be off to enjoy a homemade brownie and some TV.................


Did you do anything fun over the weekend?

You know what I got up to!

P.S If your interested in the cookie exchange check this post out for info and thank you to all that replied so far I'm sure this will be a tasty and fun exchange! x x


  1. Ooh marzipan, I love it but haven't had any for ages. It sounds like you had a good night out!

  2. Good luck for tomorrow! I had a very chilled weekend, can't believe it's monday again! x

  3. i love jelly strawberries! i don't think i've had one in years!

  4. love the pics of you!

    the cookie exchange is a cute idea! I have too many restrictions, gluten, vegan, etc so I will sit that one out but you're a doll for organizing it!

  5. Looks like you had a great night out! I had a lovely day yesterday were I had nothing that needed doing apart from cooking, it was bliss! I have a recipe for home made marzipan, I may just have to make it, mmm!

  6. All I did this weekend was help with the elections (boooh!) and eat great food (yeah!) ;)
    Sounds like you had a great night out!

  7. That blue flower in your hair so pretty :) and yay for a new header, I really like your blue dishes.

  8. That soup looks so good! I made one with the same ingredients and it was just the perfect flavour :)

    This weekend I went to a wedding - twas lovely!