Wednesday, 8 September 2010

9am Assessment!

Good evening readers, good day?
I have spent the day practicing for tomorrows exam, I think I have it sorted but am still pretty nervous. Its just remembering all the training systems and not getting tongue tied! Can't believe this is the last thing left to do then signing off on Friday! Anyways lets get to the eats:

A carob smoothie started my day the right way, delish : )

I also had a coffee with soy milk and a tsp of agave.

Then it was off to the gym......

For lunch I had quinoa, peppers, mangetout, tuna and avocado this was totally fab. I also had some rice cakes with tahini and cinnmaon.

More practicing then home.....

The washing machine hasn't been working at the hotel so I had to go to the laundrette, before I left I snacked on some rice cakes and peanut butter which by the way needs to stop. I'm having this a little to often!

I didn't have the right change for my washing so grabbed a juice at the shop twas ok but not great a bit too sweet : (


I'm glad I'm going home Saturday I really have had enough of this living out of a hotel room life........

This is the grubby hotel in which I have been staying, if you ever come to Bournemouth don't stay here!!!!!!

I steamed some veggies and added some olive tofu I also mixed in some sundried tomato sauce

Yum : )

Apple, soy yogurt, mixed nuts, dates and raisins = pudding

2 more days and I'll be a fully qualified PT and I'll be HOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see my dad and my sister I miss them like mad : (

I better get to bed, big day tomorrow and i want to be fresh and ready for my assessment which means farewell and hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with good news!

xx Night xx


Favorite breakfast topping?

Smoothies have to be topped with something chewy or crunchy like nuts/raisins and porridge has gotta be some kind of nut butter : )


  1. Good luck for tomorrow ;-)
    I'm sure you'll be fine!

  2. Rice cakes are okay, they are puffed-up rice after all(so the few grains of rice in one rice cake appear bigger in volume).

    Your diet seems pretty balanced to us!

  3. Hope it all went well!!!!!!!! Rice cakes and peanut butter or laughing cow cheese is like my favorite snack- so delicious. And I always like your mess bowls! Deliciousness. Favorite breakfast topping...yogurt- I like granola & fruit on top, oatmeal- seeds and coconut, cereal- almond milk, fruit- nut butter!

  4. GOOD LUCK Tomorrow!!!

    well, you dont need "luck". you have the knowledge!! xo

  5. Good luck!!!

    I love rice cakes and peanut butter too! xxx

  6. good luck!!

    how are you managing to steam and cook things in the hotel??

  7. Thanks again everyone! Neen its a student accommodation hotel so we have a kitchen shared between about 30 people not good! Its horrible but I bought my own steamer with me so I'm covered! X x X

  8. I'm probably too late but good luck / hope it went really well!!

  9. Good luck with tomorrow, you will rock it I have no doubt! I bet you can't wait to get home! I love peanut butter on everything so on breakfast its wonderful but cacao nibs, cinnamon, goji berries and coconut are my other fave breakfast toppings x

  10. Who are you taking your PT course with? I start mine in 4 days time and I'm getting excited :)

  11. How did it go??? I'm so excited for you!

    To your Q.. I can't live without nut butter on porridge! Those two go hand in hand. When it comes to smoothies I usually don't have the time to throw something on there. ;)

  12. OMG Genius- I just read your comment back to Neen that you brought a steamer with you- brilliant. My comment was GOING to be that I can't believe you've eaten so well at a hotel!!! Smart girl you are. :-)