Saturday, 4 September 2010

6hrs Is A Long Time To Spin!

Finally I get online! The internet access here is a nightmare plus I have been crazy busy. So how are we all? Good and well I hope : )
Before I get to my spin onslaught here's a quick look at what has been swallowed over the past few days, a rainbow of goodness!

Lots of veggies, smoothies raw treats and fruit with yogurt.

Friday = Spin Overload!

Friday was our spin assessment day which meant a whole day of spinning yes 6hrs worth to be precise! I started the day with a vanilla and carob smoothie.

Vanilla & Carob Smoothie

15 small ice cubes
1/2 c soy milk (unsweetened)
1/4 c water
1 banana
1 scoop vanilla soy protein powder
2tbsp raw oats
1tsp maca
1tsp carob powder
1tsp vanilla essence
top with whatever takes your fancy

whiz it all up and devour : )

7.30am we made our way to the gym for our spinning master class this was 30minutes of tough sweating!

We had an hour break, this was my spin fuel. Including Aronia superfood juice which was really good.

I also had organic dates, an apple and 2 trek bars this lot did the trick. I now its a pile of sugary snacks but 6hrs spinning you need sugar to get you through!

We had an hour before the spinning assessment started to practice our routines on our own. Then we had to take turns taking the class for 3 songs making sure we fitted all the required moves and teaching points in as well as encouraging the class. I was absolutely terrified before my section but once I got up there I loved it! The songs I used were:

Dizzee Rascal - Holiday
Daniel Bedingfield - Gotta Get Through This
My Chemical Romance - Welcome To The Black Parade

Everyone loved my song choices which was great and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. We weren'y only assessed on our 3 songs we were also assessed on the whole 4.5hrs of spinning, we had to give 110% for everybody's section or we would have referred. I can proudly say I definitely gave 110% for the whole day and it was worth it because I PASSED!!!!!!!! Yep I am now qualified to take spinning lessons, I'm so so please. I also got the results back from my L2 Anatomy and Physiology exam PASSED! Yay : )

After the spin onslaught we got home then popped into town for a well earned coffee. I had a soy coffee frescato and enjoyed every last drop.

Dinner was mackerel with steamed veg in a tomato, olive and caper sauce with sauteed new potatoes

I made my sauteed pots with coconut oil and they didn't disappoint so so good!

I needed pudding and well I had definitely earned it so I decided to use my raw chocolate brownie

I sliced a banana, topped with soy yogurt and cinnamon then chopped my raw brownie and proceeded to please my tum tum no end :)

What an amazing day, yes it was hard, tiring, sweaty but well worth it and now I can teach spin! Still can't believe it this was definitely on of the highlights of this course.



I started the day with a chocolate protein smoothie ( no picture, sorry!)
Then me and Emma made our way to town.

It wasn't long before the costa urge became to much to bare so we indulged (again!) today i went for a soy mocha frescato. This puppy was delish go get one now!

I also bought lunch from M&S, I was starving by 1pm and couldn't be bothered to walk back to the hotel, M&S it was. I had the urge for a hoisin duck wrap so went with it........

Yum, Yum, Yum.
This was really good and I haven't had one of these for years, it felt good to bring it back to my world : )

We spent a while longer in town, popped to Tescos then came back to the hotel.

I picked up a bag of mixed nuts and raisins in Tesco, I knew exactly what these were going on......

Enter 1 sliced apple, soy yogurt + mixed nuts + raisins. Oooooo and loads of cinnamon!

Perfect workout fuel? Yes folks I'm off to the gym today. I know, crazy after yesterdays spinning right? But I want a weight workout plus I need to practice some training systems as next week I have my final L3 personal trainer exam and need to be competent on my delivery. I actually feel fine after yesterday too, which is amazing my back is not even sore! I can pretty much say my back is fixed. Just writing those words makes me smile like a crazy person!

Me and Emma are gonna go to the gym for an hour or so then come back freshen up and head to a bar that is selling 241 cocktails! I think a load of the people on the course are joining us which means a good evening ahead : )

I shall love you and leave you, oh before I forget an extra big HELLO to all my new readers you make my day each and every one of you x x x


Could you spin for 6hrs?

I never thought I would have been able to do it but sure enough I did and what a feeling!


  1. Wow! A big CONGRATULATIONS! Fantastic news! I really don't think I could spin for 6 hours although sometimes I surprise myself (the first time I ran 3 miles I was shocked as I didn't thin I could!). Enjoy your cocktails! xxx

  2. Oh wow! I don't think I could spin for 6 hours, not if I was giving it my all! Well done, and of course well done for passing all your exams that's brilliant news :-)

  3. Bloody hell, thats crazy spinning for that long, well done you! Love the song choices for your class x

  4. Dear mother of god, NO I couldn't spin for 6 hours but good for YOU and thank goodness that your back is FIXXXXEDDD!!! And a zillion congrats on your Spin certificate!! I see that you have the weight lifting bug- awesome- be careful or you might end up looking like mOnica brant (kidding!)


  5. CONGRATS on passing your spin assessment!!! That is SO exciting that you can teach spin now!! I'm crazy enough that I'd spin for 6 hours if given the opportunity. It's just too darn fun ;)