Tuesday, 7 September 2010

3 Days Left!!!!!!

Hello I'm back! How you been sweetie pies? I've been ridiculously busy the past couple of days doing lots and lots of homework, I have a couple of things left then all the paper works is done, hurrah! Yes folks I have 3 days left!!!!!!!! I actually can't believe this is my last week nearly gone, its gone so quickly and I've learnt so much : )

I left you Sunday afternoon so here's a little look at what has been passing the lips since then:

Smoothies, wraps, tuna maya and potato bread (so good!), steamed veggies, quinoa salads and as always yogurt messes

I got some coleslaw over the weekend and decided when I get back I so need to make some of my own, don't get me wrong it was yummy but not as good as I make. I love a bit of apple in mine : )


I woke up early and made a vanilla and banana smoothie for exercise fuel

Then it was off to the gym for an ETM (exercise to music) class. The class also had 20 minutes of conditioning at the end which was really tough. For the rest of the morning me and my L3 partner (Karl) practiced for our assessment which is 9am Thursday morning. We are being assessed on the 8 week personal trainer plan we devised for each other. This will be the final assessment and after that we're down so fingers crossed I pass!

For lunch I had quinoa, tuna, mushrooms and spinach with an olive and caper sauce, it was scrummy

I also had an apple.
After lunch we did some more L3 practicing.

I pooped to Tesco for my last shop. I needed some veggies, tofu and yogurt to get me through the last few days. I also picked up this carton of Oatly. I got the chocolate flavor, I've been meaning to try this for ages and am glad I finally did I loved it!

Back at the hotel and dinner time crept up. I had steamed veggies in a tomato and basil sauce with 2 boiled eggs and 1/2 and avocado

I'm going to go for a run in the morning weather permitting, I want to run a long the sand one last time before returning back to my pebbled beach then I have another day of practicing in the gym. I'm also being another one of the pupils body for their assessment so I have lots of training to do tomorrow, better get that homework done then sleep!


Whats your favorite dairy free alternative to milk?

I love soy milk but I think my favorite has to be Kara coconut milk I love how refreshing it is. I also love horchata (tiger nut milk)


  1. ahhhh! Three days!! How exciting. Congrats. Lots of good eats. The vanilla and banana smoothie looks awesome! Is that coconut on top? YUM! My favorite dairy free milk alternative is definitely almond milk

  2. It is indeed coconut so good! x x

  3. Hazelnut and almond milk(Good sources of calcium:)is my milks of choice:)

  4. Love those messes, you should make a cookbook :) I love almond milk, especially unsweet chocolate in coffee :)

  5. Oh I've seen that oat chocolate drink all the time at the health food store but never knew if I should get it.. I have to give it a try now that you gave it your ok ;).

    Those Americans have fantastic almond milk and I wish we had good ones over here but they're all too sweet for me. I really love the rice milk I discovered a few months ago (it's made with whole rice which I love).

  6. I love hazelnut and almond rice milk and soy milk, just delicious I could not go back to plain skimmed milk now! Good luck with your assessment I'm sure you'll do amazingly well x

  7. I don't drink milk or any substitute. I've been thinking about trying almind milk and hazel milk but they're not so easy to find here. I wonder if the brand OATLY is the same as we have here, the package is different but it's the same name :)

  8. Yum! I love chocolate oatly! I like alpro soya light best on cereal, I prefer it to cows milk I just wish it was comparable in price to cows milk!

  9. Actually I LOVE buttermilk and kefir. But if you mean like non-dairy, I'd have to go with almond milk. Or soy. But they tend to add sugar to make them taste better!