Sunday, 5 September 2010

241 Cocktails = A Killer Hangover!

Hey hey, how's it going?
I'm suffering from a killer hangover! Cocktail time was fun last night but I'm paying for it now : (
More on that later, I left you yesterday just before heading out to the gym so lets rewind shall we..........

At the gym:

20 minute interval run: 5.5-6.5-8.1-8.3-8.7-8.8mph mixed
50 minutes upper body weights

I picked these potato cakes up at the shop yesterday afternoon and decided to try them with dinner.

I toasted one slice and tore it in half, one side plain the other with tahini, these are really yummy a good buy : )

I also had some steamed veggies with tuna.
After dinner I got ready to hit the town................

We went to a bar that was serving 241 cocktails.......

Emma looking pretty can see the way this is going right?!

Yeah 2 at a time was always going to be a disaster!

After the cocktail bar we ended up going to a rocky kinda club, so with chalk at my finger tips I decided to make our mark.......

Boozy eyes people boozy eyes!


I woke up this morning with a killer of a hangover! Oh dear god I really went to town last night what a bad healthy blogger I am! The only think that gave me the energy to leave the hotel was the thought of breakfast..................

Oh yes your eyes are not deceiving you I had an English breakfast minus the toast! This is first breakfast I've eaten in about 3yrs and it was worth the wait and the calories! I enjoyed every mouthful : )

I also picked up this baby, a giant macaroon!

Next stop Costa for yet another soy coffee frescato! This is last for a while I gotta cut this indulgence out!

I enjoyed my macaroon with the coffee : )

I have the last of my final assessment written work to do this afternoon and I shall be chilling out with a DVD later. An early night is also needed. I plan to get up in the morning and go for run along the sand, hopefully its not raining if it is I'll do one of my workout DVD's.

Right time to work see ya all tomorrow x x


If you have a hangover do you need hangover food?

I always need food to soak up the booze!


  1. Yes! I too had 2-4-1 cocktails last night and I'm feeling very fragile today!

    I ALWAYS need hangover food! My H2B doesn't but I love stodge, always makes me feel better! x

  2. If I get a really bad hangover then I need flat coke and mcdonalds chips to sort me out! Love the full english - glad you had a good night out!

  3. Funny, I went to the shop earlier and saw those potato cakes for the 1st time. I hesitated but didnt buy them as I didnt know what to do with them :(

    When I go out drinking (which doesnt happen really often), I take a nurofen (or similar) just before going to bed and it's enough to feel ok in the morning.

    I was always talk about "the hotel" on your that where you live or is that just how you call your flat??? sorry to be nosy ;)

  4. sounds like a great night! sorry about the hangover! plenty of water, a berroca, and some vitamins, plus a little nap and you'll be right as rain! x

  5. hehe- sometimes nights like that are very necessary! Cute pics ;) I love the idea of those potato cakes- they look yummy. Beans for breakfast? I'm all in. Hangover food...toast and Gatorade? haha or something greasy!

  6. Haha I haven't had a real hangover in ages but I definitely love hangover food. ;) It seems like you had a great night out though! I love meeting up with friend and having a good time.
    Congrats on your spin "test" btw! I knew you'd rock it!

  7. What is a 241? (Am I showing my age?)

    I sorta crave eggs after a boozy night, but the main thing is that I do NOT want coffee! Weird.

    Nice to have a run in the sand! I forgot you're near the coast?

    What do you mean that's your first breakfast in 3 yrs. You mean your first english brekkie?

    Hugs and hope you feel better.

  8. Bahaha, pretty happy I'm not the only "healthy living" blogger who went to town on the boose this weekend ;) YES to greasy hangover breakfasts! I need runny yolks, toast, and pan fries to soak up the alcohol.