Tuesday, 14 September 2010

2 Posts In One Day?!

2 posts in one day?
You can tell I'm back from my course can't ya!?

And what a day it has been. After leaving you earlier I made my way to Brighton for my informal meeting with the manager of FF. Oh MY GOD guys this is like my dream job!!!!!!!! It would be pretty tough at first but in the end, wow it would be amazing. I have emailed the manager to ask for a formal interview so fingers crossed peeps and toes!

I drove half way home but had to stop and eat, it was 3.30pm and I was starving! I stopped at some services and enjoyed my rice salad. Rice, olives, mushrooms and pepper with an olive oil and herb dressing.

Got home and discussed the job with papa which lead me to email the manager.

Dinner was plain and simple.
Mackerel, steamed veggies, 1 boiled egg in a tom and herb sauce.

Pudding came in the form of an apple topped with granola and greek 2% yogurt : )

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day too. I'm planning an early morning gym session then a day with my sister. The gym I use here has had a revamp whilst I've been away and there are lots of new machines I'm eager to try!

Nighty Night x x


What is your dream job, or do you have it already?

I think I may have found mine now. I just need the dream to become reality!


  1. am a computer programmer. I love it. Altho last 2 days has been crud as a colleague is being a poop stick.

  2. Being of service to my fellow man, woman, child, animal!

  3. I am a full-time grandma, recently retired and wanting to spend every waking moment with my beautiful grandchildren.

  4. Good luck!

    Although I moan about it most (all) of the time I'm in my dream job - primary school teachig. When it'a bad it's terrible, when it's good it's amazing! x

  5. Glad the meeting went well! I hope you get the formal interview AND the job! How exciting. I am totally having a parfait for breakfast in a bit and your last pictures made me excited for it ;) Teaching group fitness is one of my dream jobs. I'd also like to run a cafe ;)

  6. Fingers are crossed here in Finland for you! :)

    I actually have A dream job, it's not what I want to do forever but I really love my job and could not have wished for a better one straight out of school. It's a great feeling when you've found your dream job!