Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Wiped Out

Hello from a muscle sore blogger!
Yep I'm still pretty sore especially after the circuit we did today.
How's you been up to much?

I started my day with a vanilla, carob and coffee smoothie

I threw some raisins in for some chew and topped with coconut and cinnamon : )

I had an early morning circuit class which was actually pretty easy thank god! I don't think my limbs could have handled anything to extreme, tomorrow we have a bleep test and I'm definitely not looking forward to that!

After the gym I had some rice cakes and tahini

I also had an apple and some almonds in the mid morning break.

As I have mentioned already we are now studying the nutrition part of the course and I think I'm the only one that's enjoying it! Nutrition really does bring up some arguments especially with those not so well informed, I find it quite interesting hearing all the different views. Most of the others really aren't interested but I guess because I love food and love eating GOOD HEALTHY food I'm already way ahead of the burger/fried meat eating gang. Sounds harsh but its white bread and processed foods all the way with these guys! They're all pretty young though so I guess it comes with age!

Anyway onto lunch, I had some raw veggies and quinoa which was so yummy and I'd been craving quinoa for ages. I found 1 yes 1 health food shop in Bournemouth and indulged in their pricey quinoa, it was worth it though!

Dinner was steamed veg in chili and tom sauce with a couple of eggs

Eggs weren't runny but they were goooooooood!

I had a carb craving so went with it and made up some muesli and topped with an apple

If I'm honest I'm feeling totally wiped out and long for a good nights sleep so I'm off to read some of your fabulous blogs then get some much need shut eye.

Night x x


Do you spend a lot on healthy foods?

I definitely do just like the quinoa it was expensive but it not only tastes good its uber healthy well worth the extra pennies!


  1. i am sore today, too! i forgot about my love for rice cakes. i may need to pick some up soon.

  2. I agree that healthy eating comes with age. To be honest I'm always surprised and impressed to see healthy young bloggers. I try not to spend more money on things like quinoa, I buy it once in a while and buy the cheaper grains for now. I'm on a budget!

  3. I spend a lot on healthy foods but I believe its worth it for my health as well as the fact that my blog and healthy eating is kind of like a hobby - other people justify spending money on their hobbies so why shouldn't I! I used to dread the bleep test at school, I was always the worst :-( I'm sure you'll be fine though! x

  4. Far too much of my money is spent on eating healthy.. it's a big gripe of mine! It should not be cheaper to eat crappy food!

  5. A Healthy Lifestyle and the cost of living in Blighty is by no means cheap, but it's a small price to pay for safeguarding our future and preventive health insurance for sure! so yes(far too much:0)!

    My mantras include:

    'Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food'

    'Health is Wealth'

    'An apple a day keeps the doctor away'

  6. I'm sore too-= from Power plate lunges I did two days ago! eek.

    Love the way quinoa looks from closeup! magical.

    Yes, spend a lot on healthy food- try to buy organic for the dirty dozen F&V.

    HOpe you are having fun! I haven't send out your package- will wait til you're home :-)


  7. I miss being sore :D I havent done yoga this week at all :(

    I like rice cakes too, yum!