Thursday, 19 August 2010

What Time Is The Right Time For Lunch?

I'm on a roll peeps back again with another post, so how ya doing?
I'm good had a day of intense learning, I've been learning about all the different training systems and its been so interesting I never new there were so many I actually haven't heard of most of what we've been going over today. Its all for the run up to our Level 3 Gym qualification where we will be designing a specific training programme for our partner. I'm quite excited its gonna be lots of work but very interesting : )

Anyway lets talk food:

I had an early morning spin class today which meant workout fuel was needed! I woke up early so got my smoothie groove on! I made a chocolate protein green monster smoothie and it was DELICIOUS! Plus it was good workout fuel : )

45 minute spin class = sweat fest!

After spin I had an apple to refuel then it was class time

For a mid morning snack I made some oat cakes and............

Tahini! Love love love it : )

More class time.........

Then lunch. On the course our lunch is usually between 12/1pm somewhere in that time frame which is so early, I usually have lunch around 2pm so its been hard getting used to an early lunch but maybe that isn't early for some? I find it too early but I guess its a normal time right?

Anyways for lunch I had another rice salad with eggs, peppers, mangetout, mushrooms mixed in my tom sauce

This is a great lunch really filling and so yummy!

In the afternoon I had 10 almonds to power me through till home time!

Yay hot meal number 2 people! Ah this was scrummy steamed broccoli, carrots, sweetcorn and mackerel in a spicy tomato and chili sauce : )

This really hit the spot and it was so good to have a hot meal, loving it

Another fruit and soy yogurt combo for pud : )

I've been having chocolate cravings so yes I gave in, i went for a bar of dark chocolate and had 2 squares.

Just enough to satisfy the sweet tooth, its just gotta be done sometimes right?
I feel bad as it was only the other day that I was so upset with my size but if I didn't have a little i would have a lot which is even worse and everything in moderation is key right? Or am I just trying to justify my sweet tooth, god knows but I don't feel guilty so all's good!

I need to get in the shower and sort my bag for tomorrow I have an early morning class to go to not sure what yet but i may even go for a little run first cause I'm crazy like that!

Night for now x x


What time do you have lunch?

As I said before I was always a 2pm'er but these days its a 12/1pm for me


  1. I like to have a late lunch, otherwise I snack in the afternoon! :o/

  2. Lunch for me is at 1.30pmish, if I leave it til 2pm I'm so hungry that I inhale my food and I don't like rushing it. But I do have elevenses, which allows for a later lunch.

    Hey, if I didn't have chocolate I think I'd die. I'd rather stay a size 12 and eat chocolate than be a 10 and chocolate-free.

  3. Food looks great today!

    I always eat lunch between 12 and 1pm - I couldn't go any longer as I eat breakfast around 7.30am and mid morning snack at 10.30am.

  4. Spin is my favorite!! I just am in love w/ that class. There is no better workout.

    Love that I don't need to feel guilty about my piece of dark chocolate last night.

    xo M

  5. Usually by noon my stomach is screaming at me for fuel. However, we've been experimenting with trying to push through til what we call "Drunch" at 3 or 4- then it's kind of like dinner too- If we get hungry super late we can have a snack. It's hard to push thru that late though. Your smoothie looks delish.

  6. PS Yes, better to have a little chockie and satisfy the beast or it could be worse! :-D That's how my body works anyway.

  7. Between 12-1. If I eat any earlier I find I get sooo hungry for dinner at like 4

  8. Another UK blogger, hello! Your blog looks great. And I have an addiction to that Tesco's dark chocolate. Lunch for me is usually betweem 12-1pm. Although when I'm working at the hospital and doing shifts it can be anytime between 10:30 and 3:00pm (not so good for the digestive system). :)

  9. I'm a 12 luncher, its just what time we get lunch at my work, so i got used to it, now if i do need to wait till later i'm hank marvin!

  10. I eat lunch depending on when I've eaten breakfast! If I do a morning work out then breakfast is eaten afterwards at about 8am so I eat lunch at 12. If I'm working out later in the day breakfast is eaten at 7am or earlier so I snack at 10 am then lunch at 1! I have my own little system (sad I know!) I wouldn't worry about the chocie, a couple of squares of dark is better than a whole bar of milk which you could end up eating if you didn't satisfy the craving x