Sunday, 22 August 2010

Thank God for Eyemasks!

Hello from a fragile blogger!
Which means yes I went out and drank far to much but had a wicked night dancing to 80's/70's cheesy hits always a winner in my book : )

The rain hasn't stopped so no air show and no run yesterday or today, not good but i am going in the morning no matter what the weather is like come rain or shine I is hitting the pavements to burn some much needed calories!

Before going out yesterday I ate some fruit and yogurt

Topped with flaked almonds and cinnamon which in my book is the perfect combo

Glad rags on we hit the town, me and Amy were loving the disco hits!

When I woke up this is what stared back from the mirror not so glamorous! I thought about not putting this photo up on here but who doesn't wake up from a night on the town looking like they have just been dragged through bush backwards?! Or is just me!? You'll notice my eye mask, I have to wear this if I want to sleep in at all because my curtains let so much light in I may as well not have any! Thank god for the eye mask that's all I can say!

After 2 solpadeine and a berocca I was ready for some breakfast, a giant mocha protein smoothie! This was so good it was like thin ice cream : )

After breakfast I walked into town with Emma and her man (he's come to stay for the weekend) to see if the planes were flying but the rain was coming down and nothing much was happening at the air show so I decided to leave the love birds and come back home with a small detour to M&S, yep I decided I needed an easy lunch no cooking involved. Lazy yes care no!

Vegetable samosa

Spicy rice cakes

carrot, cous cous, cranberries and chickpea salad

the cous cous had a yummy dressing

the rice cakes were just spicy enough

and the samosa was real tasty. I really enjoyed this lunch and it was perfect hangover food.

Oooooooo I must say a big thank you to Lindsey from Sound Eats as this sweet lady has added a link to my blog on a website she has set up called Healthy Living Blogs. Its basically a really cool site you can go on to find healthy bloggers in you area wherever you are in the world which i think is uber cool so thank you sweet lady x x x

I have lots of revision to do so goodbye for now, enjoy the rest of your Sunday peeps x x


Do you ever use an eye mask?

Mine has been my savior on more than one occasion : )


  1. Ah bless! yes, eye masks are a Godsend alright!

    At least you had a food night - it is a small price to pay for FUN:)


  2. Wearing an eye mask has seriously changed. my. life. I ALWAYS used to wake up with the sunrise, and for some reason I thought my sleep issues were related to something else. When I moved into my new place, I got an eye mask because I can't put curtains on my windows, and now I sleep like the dead. Life is so much better when you're well-rested :) (although, I now wake up with gnarly lines on my face from the mask!)

  3. I often use an eye mask when I need a really deep sleep like after I have been poorly - love them! Good for you having a fun night out, you don't look bad at all for having a hangover x

  4. Sounds like a crazy fun night! I am craving fruit and yogurt again- I may need to make a ginormous parfait for dinner. I've never used an eye mask. It'd freak me up to wake up and not be able to see right away :)

  5. You really don't look bad considering the hangover! I've never worn an eyemask... maybe I should be doing hehe

  6. sounds like a blast!!

    i never use an eye mask but it sure would come in handy from time to time!


  7. Ha, you look cute! I use an eyemask when I have a bit of a headache at bedtime or when I need to get to sleep quickly (my o/h is always coming to bed after me and puts the lights on).

    I LOVE the M&S crackers, I can eat a whole bag in one sitting. Ooops!

  8. It's fair to say I look like that when I wake up every morning, late night or not!

    I have an eye mask but I don't tend to use it as it irritates the top of my ears!

  9. Awww you're so adorable and cute! I really like the messy hair look and you're stunning, with or without makeup!

    I never wear eye-masks and I have no curtains but for some reason I always sleep very well. Guess that's just my granny genes ;)

  10. sounds like you had a fab night! i dont use eyemasks, i made my very first pair of curtains last year for our bedroom and i lined then with the highest % Black out lining i could get, its magic, even at 2pm its like 2am!! back when i didnt have these i used to love an eyemask after a heavy night out!

  11. You look great even after a night of disco dancing! Love your leopard print eyemask. I have a collection of masks- my fave says "Bring Coffee". love love love them. :-)