Monday, 23 August 2010

Running With A Quiff!

Well its Monday again if you didn't know already!? How's it been for you?
Mine has been stressful but I've made it through, I can't believe I'm over half way through my course now week 4 people WEEK 4!

Today started with Anatomy and Physiology theory in the morning then I gained my gym boxing certificate this afternoon! Yep i can now include some boxing training in my sessions. It's very basic not proper boxing training its purely to use during a personal training session to get the heart pumping and improve cardio vascular training. I will definitely use it though I love boxing and its a fun way to get fit right?

Right lets get to some food talk shall we, I left you yesterday after my yummy lunch so will do a recap from yesterday then onto today's eats:

In the afternoon I had this sweet treat, chocolate covered sesame snaps

Man these are a sweat treat from heaven I love um, yep love um!

For dinner I had a repeat of Fridays meal, the other 2 of my veggie sausages, steamed veggies all mixed up in a tomato and basil sauce : )

I will definitely be buying these sausages again, they are filling and mighty delicious

Pudding started with a cherry soy yogurt

Combined with apple, coconut and almonds

Tasty : )


Before my run I fixed my hair for the day as I didn't know if I would have time when I got back, I sometimes think people that see me running probably think I'm crazy with my giant quiff!

I also had 8 almonds before I went for my run

30 minutes run round the park and along the seafront including lots of steps and hills good job!

I made a giant carob and vanilla smoothie on my return. Topped with coconut flaked almonds and cinnamon.

This was insanely good and I have a feeling a repeat will be made tomorrow morning!

Lunch was a rice combo, tuna, brown basmati rice, peppers, mangetout and sundried tomato pesto (veggie)

Nice and filling perfect for boxing fuel : )

After our afternoon of boxing I had an apple no pic sorry!

2 boiled eggs on top of steamed veggies in a tomato sauce

Great dinner indeed

I had blueberry soy yogurt and blueberries for pudding topped with coconut and pumpkin seeds

Coconut is a new favorite of mine obviously!

Yogurt mess = the best!

And yes I also had some dark chocolate sorry! (well not really!)

I have an early morning spin class in the morning YAY! Then we start on the nutrition part of the course double YAY! I've actually been looking forward to this the most because a) I love love love anything to do with nutrition and b) I actually know quite a lot about it too especially after doing my Diploma in nutrition! Hopefully I just sail through this part fingers crossed : )

I guess I better get some reading done before dream time, night x x


Do you eat before you exercise?

Sometimes i do and sometimes I don't. The almonds I had today definitely helped me power through though : )


  1. Hiya! Your course seems really interesting. If I had to go back to Uni, I would study Nutrition & Health.
    To answer your question, no, I dont eat before working out. I did it once and it was a BIG mistake. I felt sick during the whole class. Not gonna do it again.
    Did your hair stay in place during your workout????

  2. With the amount of hairspray I use my hair always stays in place! ha ha x

  3. Your course sounds so interesting! And yes, boxing is possibly the best way to get fit... but I might be biased ;-)

  4. When I eat before I work out, I end up waiting HOURS to actually go to the gym, so I try to just do it all before breakfast. "Try" is the key word ;-)

  5. Bahaha! Running with a quiff! :-D Love it.

    I recognize that sundae container! I used mine today!

    Your eats look so delish and healthy. I didn't know you did a course in nutrition! Cool.

    I have part of a smoothie and a few bites of something 'solid' before working out usually. I can train on an empty stomach but only if I literally roll out of bed and train. If there is coiffing to do (ha!) and driving etc, the beast starts screaming and it must be fed.

    Keep having fun!! Congrats on making it 2/3 through and getting your boxing 'degree'!

  6. :-) love the running quiff! i usually eat a small handful of dried apricots or other dried fruit about 45 mins before a work out, helps me push through.

  7. I wish I could get my hair to stay in a quiff, that hair spray must be very good! I would love to do a course on nutrition! I have to say all your eats look mighty tasty! It usually depends how much exercise I'm doing whether or not I eat before - usually if I'm working out first thing in the morning for less than an hour I don't or if I've had a big meal in the last two hours. If I'm working out for over an hour I need something for fuel! I'm loving dates for running fuel at the mo. Magic!

  8. Those sesame snaps look delicious, I've never seen them before!

    I usually eat a bit before I exercise but I try not to eat an hour before, otherwise I get nauseous.

  9. hehe, I laughed when I imagined you running with a quiff! - sorry!

  10. I can't function before breakfast so I need to eat before exercise! Usually I have a proper breakfast and just wait 2 hours, or work-out in the evening!

  11. I love that you do your hair before working out! That made me smile. :)