Sunday, 15 August 2010

Revision + Coffee

Hey everybody 2 posts in 2 days, can you believe it?! Before I go on I would just like to say thank you to all of you for your congratulations after I passed my practical, hopefully you will be saying it again after I pass my theory! The past 2 days has been revision central for me but I needed a break which meant blog post : )

Yesterday afternoon me and Emma left the hotel to get lunch and revise out in the fresh air. I decided on a falafel wrap with hummus. I love this M&S option its yummy but I never really looked at the stats hmmmmmmmm think this may be the last one for a while!

It did cure the hangover though so I'm not complaining!

The rain came which meant coffee time! I went for a soy latte : )

Emma had a vanilla frescato, she maybe addicted!

Coffee bought we got down to some serious revision

Revision makes you hungry believe me, when dinner time came round my tummy was more than happy

I bought a fruity carrot and buckwheat salad then added my own bits to it. Baby toms, watercress, sweet peas and a tin of tomato mackerel. This was AMAZING every bite was a joy!

I also had a rhubarb yogurt



I had a lie in today and didn't wake till 9.30am, crazy but I must have needed it, well I didn't get much sleep Friday so I defo needed it! I showered then decided a filling breakfast was needed.

A crispy apple............

............and chocolate protein oats with some linseeds, flaked almonds and coconut thrown in for good measure. This bad boy breakfast definitely hit the spot and filled me for hours : )

After breakfast I met Emma and we made our way to town for another day of revision.........

and coffee! Yep another coffee this time as the sun was shining I went for an iced soy coffeee which was refreshing and just what I needed for revision power. We sat in the park and revised and before we knew it lunch time was upon us well it was 2.30pm and I was getting messages from my tum to feed it!

Raw mushrooms and carrot sticks for starters

Followed by an egg and watercress wrap with sun dried tom sauce. Yep i can safely say this combo is here to stay it not only tastes fab it is a real tummy filler bonus!

We stayed in the park to revise and I got a little black and white inspired.......

Emma finishing her second frescato of the day!

I went for a raspberry iced tea which was nice and refreshing, needed for the hot day : )

Raspberry + Tea = : )

The park is lovely in Bournemouth

We walked along the beach on the way home, it was uber busy with tourists

I got back to the hotel and had the urge to go running so I did. 30 minute run including hills and steps just what I needed to refresh the mind. I got home freshened up then made dinner.

Guess what I had TUNA! Tuna with a mix of beans and sweetcorn topped with a herb and mint sauce. This was fresh and light and very tasty.

Followed by an apple topped with a rhubarb yogurt, almonds, coconut and pumpkin seeds.

I have my theory test at 9am tomorrow and I'm glad its first thing because its just over and done with and we can then get on with the rest of the days learning. Next up is sports nutrition and I can't wait plus after the diploma I did this shouldn't be to hard : )

Well I guess I better get some last minute revision in before beddy byes, sweet dreams lovely readers x x


Favorite wrap filling?

I need some tasty ideas peeps x

I need some tasty ideas from you lovely people x x


  1. Best of luck on the test! And those chocolate protein oats look amazing. Coffee is the perfect treat. Favorite wrap filling- tomato and mozzarella! With a little basil spinach, olive oil and balsamic vinegar

  2. congrats on passing!!

    and i hope you have an awesome week hon!!!

  3. Yay for coffee! If I had a proper coffee shop near me at work I would probably have a serious caffeine addiction! My favorite wrap filling at the moment has to be turkey hummus and spinach - I just have it for lunch and it was lovely!

  4. I love tuna, especially with sweet corn! good choice :)