Sunday, 29 August 2010

An Out Of Control Appetite!

Hiya I should be doing homework and revising right now but I'm here so lets try to keep this short and sweet...........

I started the day with my Davina DVD, 1hr of pure sweating!

Followed by the tastiest breakfast, I actually had a hot breakfast today. Chocolate protein oats topped with soy yogurt and almond butter : )

Its been a while and I'm glad this combo is back in my life!

Once ready me and Emma made our way to town on a Costa coffee hunt........

Soy latte

I love the froth!

Along with an Eat Natural bar cranberries, macadamia nuts and dark chocolate!

So good : )
We spent the morning revising for our test tomorrow morning not too confident but I'll give it my best shot!

In the afternoon we decided to grab lunch in a bar called the Slug and Lettuce.
We both ordered the chickpea and cous cous salad with sweet potato wedges and salad:

I'll be honest with you this was a real disappointment, it looks quite nice in the photo but let me tell you it was not that great. 4 limp thin potato wedges and a spoonful of cous cous on a lot of leaves which might I add were brown under the top ones! Not good : (

Plus this wasn't satisfying in any way on the way home I had a chocolate chip shortcake no photo so no evidence!

These rice cakes were also consumed.
I spent the rest of the day doing homework which still needs to be completed.......

Steamed veggies with mackerel made a perfect dinner

I threw in some fresh baby toms for some extra goodness

I had a muesli, yogurt and apple combo for pud plus ate some chocolate, my appetite has been off the scale today not good : (

Right better get back to this work have a good Monday folks x x


  1. Don't beat yourself up about your appetite, I know how you must feel about it but I'm sure it will balance itself out. Shame your couscous salad was a disapointment, the chickpea and couscous sound like a great combo! Hope you have a good bank holiday monday, don't work too hard!

  2. I know what you mean some days I get the munchies and I don't seem to feel properly satisfied by what i eat! It's okay to have days like that. Your dinner (fish and veg) looks yummy x

  3. What a shame about your meal! Did you let them know you weren't happy? I hope you get on okay in your exam, stay calm and breathe deeply! Good Luck!

  4. I've had far too many 'dodgy' meals out in my time too(It's no fun, establishments need to up the ante and focus on service, if they can't do that get out of the kitchen; eating out in the UK can be so overrated to say the least). Thank goodness for good chains like Wagamama!

  5. ohh your breakfast sounds lovely!

  6. I have so many days like that. And then days where I have NO appetite. It's so odd but I guess its best to trust our funky bodies. :)